Friday, April 28, 2017

Roy Belson Writes --- at 3:18 am

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Three Eighteen A.M. and who is thinking of me?

1)Ryan Reynolds

2)Wes Welker

3)Julian Edelman

4)Roy E. Belson

Mercury is Retrograde, instead of getting some Hollywood hunk, I get some bald old reprobate


Mr. Viglione,

Your placement of my name directly below your disgusting comment about the Mayor is unacceptable.  Please remove it immediately. I provided you with factual information in response to your public records request. The comments about the Mayor are yours alone. 
She is doing excellent work on the School Committee and deserves every penny of her stipend. Roy Belson, Superintendent

Roy Belson
Medford High School

Dear Mr. Belson:

Glad to see you are up while I am writing, Roy.

Censorship is unbecoming.  I have no idea which comment you are referring to.   But I do have an opinion, and
my hard work is beginning to generate interest from citizens who are inspired and inquisitive now that my public
records requests and Facebook live are showing them what you and your phony mayor are all about.

You should be encouraging free speech.   Especially after my victory over Caraviello. 

You are overpaid, you have no problem with writing a vile and disgusting letter about me, and you seem to forget
that you work for us, bomb sniffing dogs and varsity coaches aside.

Why don't you just resign?   You work for us, Roy,  Remember that.  Don't you dare order me around - and take our
access TV station for the vocational technical school.  This charade has gone on long enough.  A class action suit is on the horizon and your name will most likely be on it.  As a defendant.  Most likely.  That's up to the attorneys. Plural.

Do us a favor.  You are doing a terrible job, and to have a sycophant like Paulette run around demanding votes for
you after you have worn out your welcome is truly sick.

You work for me, Roy.  Where's my public access TV station?  You people are dragging your feet on it intentionally
and it is wrong.

Grow up.  Resign. 

Love and Kisses,
The Gay Caballero

P.S. I'm going to bed now Roy.  Thankfully, not with you! 
4:26 am