Thursday, April 6, 2017

8:08 pm Full Letter to Rumley's Office on Possible Ethics Violations by 3 City Councilors

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Atty Mark Rumley, Atty Kim Scanlon 
Medford,City Hall
85 Geo P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

RE: Potential Violation of State Ethics Law by Adam Knight, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., Richard F. Caraviello:

Dear Medford City Hall Attorneys:

It is the belief of this citizen that persistent wrongful conduct by City Council President Richard F. Caraviello, Councilor Adam Knight and Councilor Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. has not been properly addressed by City Hall and that a filing is necessary with the State Ethics Commission According to the Commission's website:

The purpose of the conflict law is to ensure that your private interests and relationships do not conflict with your responsibilities as city councilors. The law is broadly written to prevent you from even becoming involved in a situation which could result in a conflict or give the appearance of a conflict.

When Adam Knight uses the council to give birthday wishes it is discriminating against all residents and is a thinly veiled way of campaigning for office instead of doing his job.  When Dello Russo is half asleep relaxing and lounging on video, it is because he is just there to promote the family business or vote don't substantial ideas that can benefit Medford.  Rick Caraviello is simply a disgrace, and SOME of the evidence against Mr. Caraviello is noted here - specifically, his claim that he left the city council to make money - during council hours - with his own limo service, RC Limos, telling a judge and jury that he did not moonlight on council time.

Pursuant to Section 19 of  the conflict of interest law (Chapter 268A of the general laws).

1)Richard F. Caraviello owns RC Limos and is also the president of the city council.  On or about September 7, 2014, Mr. Caraviello was walking out on a pivotal vote on "Pay to Park" in Medford, a highly contentious issue.   The subject of the vote was whether or not my videotape would air on the government channel for "the public's right to know" about the pay-to-park situation.  

a)Mr. Caraviello, while walking away from a tie vote, knowing he could cast the deciding vote, personally told me that he had a customer for RC Limos, the business entity that he owns

b)Mr. Caraviello has at least on one occasion, perhaps twice, voted for his own pay raise without the public having input

c)On the witness stand in criminal court, 1/31/17, Mr. Caraviello was asked point blank if he ever moonlighted on the council.
His response, under oath, was "NO" - a direct conflict with the video that will show him leaving during a critical vote AND the information he gave me about having to walk out on the council in order to work for his own private company.

d)On or about 1/08/16 Mr. Caraviello filed false charges on this writer in RETALIATION for my investigations into his and other activities of the political types in Medford.  I fully intend to file, soon, with the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination and Federal Court to address Caraviello's malicious abuse of process.

Mr. Caraviello's statement of driving his limo on city council time, coupled with his failure to vote on a critical vote involving "the public's right to know," while the city has no access television, was - I believe - a failure to uphold the oath that he took to accept the public office.   

Filing false charges on a critic of Caraviello's boorish behavior makes a mockery of the Pledge of Allegiance which Caraviello takes before each council meeting.  "With liberty and justice for all."   

Caraviello lies when he takes that pledge, as evidenced by his testimony in a court of law in a case that he lost in spectacular fashion.   A case where I allege that Richard F. Caraviello lied under oath.

Any union attempting to hitch its wagon to prevaricator Caraviello needs to reconsider.

When Mr. Caraviello had absolutely no reason to call the police on me, 3/28/17, it was pure retaliation and he denied the citizens of Medford who do NOT get Verizon or Comcast to see the council meeting online.  

Censorship is not in his job description.

He asked me to sit near the window, I complied, and he called the police anyway.  

This is not an individual who plays by the rules, he is a bully - and he's not the first city councilor to be a bully.  Years ago Cheryl Voight beat 3 councilors in court and proved that!. Tony Eskanian - owner of gas stations - proved his point to Judge Murtagh in Superior Court and also exposed some on the council of abusing their authority and bullying.  We have precedent.

2)Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. is a funeral director in the city of Medford.  He has made very few filings with the council and appears to ONLY be on the council to keep the name of his business front and center.    Dello Russo is an obstructionist who has worked for his own self-interest and not that of the citizens who pay him handsomely.  Dello Russo slams doors when a former councilor or this writer are legitimately speaking at the council, disrupts the proceedings, and liberally violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with an arrogance that is chilling   He is simply there to promote his private for-profit business.

Dello Russo, Jr. is obstinate, quite often not informed, and has the powerful Dello Russo Funeral business to get him elected, even though he is not fit to shine the shoes of his father or uncle.

3)Adam Knight.  Backed by the unions, Knight often walks out on the citizens of Medford, needs a course in diction (as does Caraviello,) and shuffles petitions from the public to the back of the pile, often interrupting with nonsensical "point of information" rudeness that impedes the PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO KNOW.   Knight has been seen aligned with Matthew Page Lieberman of TV3, just as Caraviello was seen with Ron DeLucia of TV3.  Those individuals are currently under investigation by the office of the Attorney General (as of my last correspondence with the AG's office) and - well, you are known by the company that you keep.

Knight and Dello Russo interfere in free speech rights.  Caraviello fractures them with impunity, negligence and malice.

I demand that the city inform citizens how we can impeach ruthless, uninformed politicians, and put in their stead on the council the three candidates that are next in line, Attorney Neil Osborne, Chris D'Aveta and Mark Crowley.

I demand a positive answer  This is one of the most expensive councils in the state, yet they don't earn the money we pay them.

Breaking the rules is cause for their dismissal and possible sanctions/charges against Knight, Caraviello and Dello Russo


Joe Viglione
address below

Here is information from the government website:

Prohibited Actions Affecting Financial Interests (Section 19)

The law recognizes that your objectivity can be compromised when you act on matters in which you, or a family member or close business associate, have a financial stake. Therefore, the law prohibits you from participating in a particular matter in which you or any of the following have a financial interest:
  • your immediate family (you, your spouse and both of your parents, children, brothers and sisters);


On or about September 7, 2014, I, Joseph Viglione, videotaped former Mayor McGlynn in Room 207 during the "pay to park" controversy with Republic Parking.   

Why would the Mayor refuse to have it in Alden Chambers?  Why would the Mayor refuse to have the meeting cablecast on the Government Channel like the city council meetings?  And why did three councilors vote against the DVD being cablecast on the high school or government channel  (Camuso, Adam Knight and Dello Russo; Rick Caraviello left the council before the vote - he personally told me he had to drive a limo for his own company.  Hope people are reading these facts correctly.   Caraviello quit on us to go drive a limo, he could have been the swing vote to put the DVD on the air for you to see some of the meeting.)