Monday, April 3, 2017

Public Access for Medford April, 3, 2017

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Public Access TV – Missing In Action in Medford
By Joe Viglione

     I have questions for the School Committee that I would like answered tonight. On or about March 21. 2017 I spoke and there was no response. Paulette Van der Kloot told me she responded after I left the room, yet there was no DVD of it she and Roy Belson informed me after the 3/22 speech Roy gave at the City Council.

1)     Why do Public Records Requests regarding access TV get ignored or “miscommunicated” or so muddled that the average citizen cannot ascertain the response?

2)     WHY IS THERE NO SATELLITE STATION for the public since 7/24/14, almost three years ago, yet the public – if they don’t pay the franchise fee – has no cable?

3)     A Van, 2 cameras on the cell towers to cable and – voila – we have access TV.  This could benefit the Chevalier and the Library, except that ALL our elected officials have been deficient – have enjoyed the lack of transparency.  Why?

4)     Why would the city council attempt to put the Facebook Live Tripod that benefits non-cable subscribers so far away from the podium that there will be little or no audio?  Mr. Caraviello’s response: “That’s not my problem” as he illegally called the police because it happened to be Tuesday and the person Caraviello was harassing defeated Caraviello in criminal court.
     Nov. 30, 2016 Medford Transcript Medford Mayor Stephanie M. Burke has released the following statement regarding a resolution that was sent to the City Council Tuesday, Nov. 29.  “We must continue to embrace our differences and understand that everyone’s uniqueness paints the picture of today and the future of tomorrow in our city.”
                         This acknowledgment of the theme, spiritual unity, from the song Kumbaya is not reflected in the horrific lack of transparency in Medford in 2017.
The Medford Transcript, July 23, 2014, noted that MCC TV3 had not complied with Solicitor Rumley’s request for the financial documents. Today is April 3, 2017 and Mayor Burke was the Director Of Personnel when this set of events unfolded:    Transcript: “ If Rumley does not receive the data he requested, which includes MCC’s expense ledgers, treasurer’s reports and bank statements from its final year, he said the city would explore alternative next steps. “I will consider the various legal options that are available to the city with an eye on compelling the production of their financial records,” Rumley said.”    Rumley and the AG’s office have NOT been helpful in this regard.  Hardly transparent, they DO NOT want the public PURCHASING this service TO KNOW A THING!
        I have invested ¼ of my life, over 15 years into installing access TV and community media here in Medford.  This citizen has more experience in access, dating back to 1979, than any other individual in Medford.  Mrs. Burke wants an “inclusive” community, yet the physical attacks and false charges leveled at me prove her statements hollow, offensive, and proof that she wants a MEDIA BLACKOUT.

     Mrs. Burke has one qualification – you have to support her. Experience, creativity, ingenuity, imagination – they are anathema to this Administation.  The silence at the last school committee meeting provided the evidence that cable subscribers are ripped off and that we pay for a service the city refuses to provide us.    Allow me to provide access TV with a van, 2 fully equipped cameras, and the respect that my honest efforts, perseverance and intelligence deserve.


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