Saturday, April 8, 2017

Caraviello can't spell ALISHA (sic) and says DISDUSSIONS instead of Discussions

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Reminiscent of when ex-Council President Camuso wanted to acknowledge someone from the law office and HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE NAME OF HIS OWN was absurd seeing Camuso stumbling and trying to remember and then, the nitwit blurts out...AND THANKS TO THE ASSISTANT CITY SOLICITOR



57,000 people in the city knew that, everyone except the fraudulent Council President.

Unequipped, untrustworthy, idiotic hacks!

Well, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan "Here they go again..." 
Why is an inept bungler and liar the head of one of the most expensive city councils in Massachusetts?

Expensive because they vote for their own pay raises!!!

Richard F. Caraviello is an embarrassment

He invites ALISHA (sic) to the DISDUSSIONS!

Hey, Rick, there is a c in Discussions, not D

Hey, former Friday night host, you didn't need to put mumbling under Caraviello's picture, just let him speak as usual and he embarrasses himself!

By  putting a video of him mumbling you actually made him speak better than he is able!!!!  Was that a paid political announcement or something?

If you and Adam Knight can't pronounce simple words, STEP DOWN.

If Ed Finn wrote ALISHA instead of Alicia, then shame on all three of you...let some COMPETENT employees work for the citizens of Medford.

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