Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Full letter to the Media on the goal to IMPEACH Caraviello, Knight and Dello Russo


Facebook Live gets viewers beyond Cable TV Subscribers - while Medford City Hall SQUELCHED free speech last week.

Medford Energy Committee's FIRST EVER taping of a Public Meeting in Room 201 now up to 110 hits on Facebook Live,
38 hits on the Real Medford Mass Politics Page on Facebook.   After the meeting it was at 60 @ 8:15 pm, then the numbers last night
went up to 76, then at 11:36 pm during Perry Mason time 93, now we are at 110 ...which is phenomenal for a meeting that no one has ever taped before, according to the board of directors when I asked permission on Monday 4/3/17.

The YOUTUBE has 7 hits - it went up very late last night   The 48 minutes and 15 seconds you can find here:

Medford Energy Committee 4-3-17 Room 201 Medford MA City Ha

The Energy Committee THANKED me for my hard work and honest efforts, while the week before City Council President Caraviello was so infuriated when I went to the section he had designated, we have him on tape talking about calling the police to escort a videographer out when the videographer complied with the Council President's request.  In America this cannot happen.

My Facebook Live taping of Room 207 infuriated Councilor Adam Knight. You have to watch him complaining at the City Council
on March 28th, looking like Lurch from the tv show The Addams Family having a spaz attack  (A sudden burst of excitement or nervousness.) --- or perhaps Adam was just happy to see me!  :)   You have to hear Frederick N. Dello Russo lying about his constituents being "creeped out" by the camera.  Really?  This from the undertaker who uses ghoulish colors on his campaign sign, designed by Herman Munster, no doubt, complains that a video "creeps out" his constituents.  Sure, because all of Mr. Dello Russo's constituents  (allegedly the only ones who voted for him) are deceased - he likes them because they can't talk back!!!  But their names sure look good on the ballots come November!! (that's a joke...I think...)

Then there are the videos of Mayor Burke speaking to four people at City Hall.  My Facebook live got her message out. Burke should be thanking me.   And handing over the keys to the access TV station.  But you see, the MEDIA BLACKOUT is by design, and Burke, Caraviello, Dello Russo and Knight are terrified that people who do not subscribe to cable TV will actually see them in action.

Our work goes beyond the Medford borders on Facebook live...and it is driving those four in particular crazy!!!

It is called transparency and free speech.

Joe Viglione has brought transparency to the forefront in Medford - be it by the proper use of FOIA - Public Records Requests, or the Open Meeting Law, cameras from public access at other cities and towns and now Facebook Live, we are changing the face of the city of Medford.    And some elected officials absolutely loathe and detest the transparency!

Last week, City Council President Rick Caraviello called the police for no reason whatsoever.  He did NOT want Facebook live, and one wonders what an individual is hiding if they violate the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the very Pledge of Allegiance these alleged public servants take at the beginning of a school committee or city council meeting.

"With liberty and Justice For ALL" is what blurts out of the lying lips of Adam Knight, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., Richard F. Caraviello, but they lie.  They break their oath that they took when they were sworn in as city councilors, they flip the bird to the very flag of the United States of America making a pledge to their constituents only to spit on the flag when:

---Adam Knight makes loud noises with papers and cleans off his desk when a veteran, Jeannie Martin, speaks to the council

---Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. slams doors when a Bob Penta or a Joe Viglione decide to speak

---Caraviello, big loser in criminal court 1/31/17 when he utilized malicious prosecution in a failed attempt to silence a citizen, then sends harassing e mail to the lawyer who defeated him telling to put his client on "medication" - KNOWING that the client is a student of Christian Science, a church that believes in prayer over medicine.  You cannot be more vicious than that - practicing medicine without a license, religious discrimination and censorship.   Caraviello isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, but when he gets mean spirited, he fixates and focuses on hate.  Why is he president of the City Council?
Our taping of ROOM 207 is a BIG HIT   The taping of Mayor Burke and Paul Covino at CIty Hall on March 22 was appreciated by viewers who got to see how unpopular the mayor is (only four people in attendance in a city of 57,000 or so?)  ...my taping of the School Committee and City Council getting BEYOND CABLE TV AND INTO THE HANDS OF ALL CITIZENS SO ENRAGED RICHARD F. CARAVIELLO THAT HE attempted to have THIS WRITER AND RESPECTED MUSIC JOURNALIST THROWN OUT OF CITY HALL (WELL, I left before they could remove me!)  What a waste of time for a diminished police force. 

Neil Osborne needs to address the fact that he should be ON the council - and will be with the removal of Caraviello, Knight and Dello Russo, Jr. for First Amendment violations Osborne, D'Aveta and Crowley can join the council they deserve to be on..   Just think of having decent men on the city council instead of three thugs, and think of how we will improve the city of Medford.

This writer removed the former mayor's uncle from Medford Housing, was the key component in shutting down MCC TV3, and now intends to legally remove Knight, Caraviello and Dello Russo for spitting on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In a Democratic society, those three individuals who violate our rights just cannot stay.
Note the praise that John Falco and Michael Marks gave me privately, and which Councior Lungo-Koehn noted publicly:

Breanna Lungo-Koehn stated at the 3/28/17   Council Meeting

",,,Council Vice President Marks I think it's important in regards to the sub committee meetings that they do get recorded, and it is something that this council has asked for...and I think any subcommittee meeting that takes place, or committee of the whole meeting that takes place in the chambers here should be recorded and should be put on display because I did get a couple of responses from last week's sub committee meeting or committee of the whole  and people were happy they were able to view it online ...people should be able to view every public meeting that goes on in city hall and I think cameras in some of the essential rooms, especially Room 207 and where the Zoning Board of Appeals meet  we need to look into doing that further, I think, for transparency and open government  20:19 in to the video

I would hope that we can implement some sort of resolution for Room 207  ...guidelines best for everybody in Room 207...Facebook, YouTube...because people are interested in a number of meetings in this community and it's important to go public

Councilor Falco   "...I'm in full agreement that those meetings...should be filmed in some capacity. Those meetings are open to the public There are many meetings that happen in that conference room that the public doesn't necessarily know about.  ...We should MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE TRANSPARENT MAKING SURE THAT GOVERNMENT IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE IN THIS COMMUNITY....AND THAT ALL THE MEETINGS CAN BE FILMED AND THAT PEOPLE CAN PARTICIPATE...


I am fighting for your rights.   I am doing this to make Medford a better place to live.  I work hard for you, dear citizen.

Joe Viglione