Saturday, February 23, 2019

50 Vinyl Record Albums for Photos of Stephanie Muccini-Burke Shopping on Company time!

Green Acres!

The Chores!  The Stores!

Eva "Muccini-Burke" Gabor Shopping!

Snap a photo of Darth Stephanie on a shopping spree on company time!  and you will be paid in VINYL!, my darlings, VINYL!

This magazine is offering FIFTY vinyl albums if you get us a photo to informationcentral2@gmail of Stephanie Muccini-Burke MOONLIGHTING like Rick Caraviello on steroids.

Photo must be verified as real, not photo-shopped, and you will get these delicious recordings you can give grandmama for Christmastime!

Johnny Mathis Christmas records available too!

Snap YOUR MAYOR at an inappropriate place,
like Wegman's or KHOL'S or MARSHALLS and you will receive as payment vinyl records of Barry Manilow, Barbara Streisand, Mitch Miller, Herb Alpert and more!

Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond!  More vinyl than you can imagine!