Thursday, February 21, 2019

Alleged Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina File Under: AJLS Allegedly Just Like Stephanie 2015!!!!

Alleged Republican Voter Fraud! North Carolina board orders a new election in U.S. House race tainted by fraud accusations

North Carolina orders a new election in the state's 9th District U.S. House race following an investigation into allegations of election fraud.

Republican candidate Mark Harris called for a new election earlier Thursday.
He led Democrat Dan McCready by about 1,000 votes in the last undecided congressional race from last year

Harris, who previously pushed for the elections board to certify the result, unexpectedly called for a new election during testimony Thursday. This week, North Carolina's elections director said operative McCrae Dowless carried out an illegal and well-funded ballot harvesting operation as he worked for Harris's campaign during the election last year.
"I believe a new election should be called," Harris said. "It's become clear to me that the public's confidence in the 9th District seat general election has been undermined to an extent that a new election is warranted."