Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine From Yet ANOTHER Ex Boyfriend

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You gotta Feel the Love today
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Yet another ex boyfriend sends a Valentine's Day text.

We go back 35 years

Newsflash to Ex...I do like you, but:

a)You are STILL living with your life partner!

b)I know you like me better

c)You never TOLD me about your life partner when we were dating in the 1980s!

d)It was at a drag queen's apartment across from the Condon Shell when I was giving you an innocent backrub, AFTER 3 MONTHS OF DATING that some fellow walks into the room and says "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here"

And I said "XXXXX, do you have something to tell me!"

You are STILL with the same dude, through the roller coaster ride of YOUR relationship!

But I still's just that my dance card is full, AS YOU WELL KNOW...because you are giving me advice on these, ahem, situations.

Calling the current situation a fellow who is "obsessed" with me is an understatement.

But thanks for the text!

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!*

*This particular fellow asked me to dance when the guy I was seeing, David, who was a Narc or something, didn't tell me HE was in a relationship.  He was looking to replace his lover with ME but never TOLD ME, told me he lived with his "mother."

HA!   So as we were at the Rifleman (the 119 Merrimac) this fellow who just texted me asked me to dance.   Then he gives David and me business cards.  He was giving facials on Newbury St.

So David calls to go out the next week and I said "I'm busy!"  

Oh, you're going out with xxxx (the guy with the business card)

"None of your business!"

So  Mr. XXXXX and I walk into the Rifleman and David is there very drunk and upset with me when HE said we should break up!

Well, we did!  And 35 years later I'm still good friends with Mr. XXXX and David is long gone.

Phone call from David months later from New Hampshire  "We could have been lovers!"

oh, please, spare me the drama Mr. Narc