Friday, April 7, 2017

City Council Agenda - Adam Knight again Not Utilizing Council In Correct Manner

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city council agenda april 4, 2017

Look, I happen to have liked Charlie Shannon, he was a good State Senator and responsive to his constituents.  I have a letter here from him somewhere when he helped our neighborhood out.

But what would Senator Shannon have preferred?

A memorial to him at the city council 12 years later, or one of his trainees doing substantial things for this city?

What Adam Knight DOES engage in, when he's not involved with Matthew Page Lieberman - violent reprobate from TV3 - is walking out on constituents, making noises when a veteran is speaking.  

Mr. Shannon is probably ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE at the stunts Adam Knight pulls at the city council, and now he wants to use the good name of Senator Shannon to bolster his own image rather than have another councilor put this resolution out there.  

All Adam Knight has done is congratulate people, wish them happy birthday, or indulge in juvenile antics.  

This is the last straw, Knight should be impeached for grave robbing the late Senator's dignity to try to reflect it on his own poor efforts, lack of ethics, and buffoonery in Medford.

Shameless huckster that Adam Knight is. P.T. Barnum would blush with envy.

It is just disgusting.