Sunday, April 2, 2017

ISIS Kidnaps Police Chief Leo Sacco

951,629 @ 11:52 am
951,464 @ 9:49 pm
109 @ 9:49 - 109 minutes

Dear  Medford Info Central:

We have kidnapped your police chief. DO NOT attempt to rescue him (No worries there! - editor)

We were looking for a supreme liar and it came down to two finalists; your police chief and the disgusting city council president.

When we weighed them both it was cheaper to ship Leo FedEx to Syria, thus we threw Buddha2, the council president, back into the waters of the Mystic River.   If the tide is rising due to his obesity, too bad, we won't apologize, we are Isis.  You can sell tickets to the Medford Whale Watch and send us a thank you note.

We were in search of a prevaricator who could exceed the vile and disgusting untruths of Bill O'Reilly and Baghdad Bob, and Chief Saccco did not disappoint.  In fact, his dishonesty is above our wildest dreams with phony cover stories for Uncle Bob (not to be confused with Baghdad Bob,) nephew Paul the Butcher Boy, Nephew Stephen Lebert and his Uncle Dickie, Greg Hudson, Shawn Hughes, Shawn Norton, Jimmy Lee, Miguel Lopez...  and the way Sacco goes after the victims...hA! why torture people when we can sic Leo Sacco on them?

Enclosed are some Fed Ex cartons to ship over a sleazy city lawyer and corrupt school superintendent.

How many diamonds and rubles do you need for this service?

Please, no gay undertakers. They could put a chill on things over here.