Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Police Protection at Demet's Donuts

952,373 @ 4:45 pm

Thank God!
There were five police officers when I walked in to Demet's to get a cup of coffee

And the individual I am suing sitting alone on a stool.
To the fine officer in front of me (no, we did not go Facebook Live...though, perhaps, we should have...) I said "it's the new police chief."

He said "Look who it is!"

I said, "A one and a half million dollar lawsuit coming to a city near you!"

Mr. Caraviello, alone on the stool, was not smiling like the rest of us.

"Chief...Chief..." I said..."I just came back from the police station with a police report that is going directly to the MCAD" (Mass Commission Against Discrimination."

Actually, I just did, and quite actually, it is going there (to the MCAD)...most likely this week!

And that's separate from the 1.5 mill lawsuit.

Still in discussions with multiple lawyers on who will get that slam dunk of a case!

As I am campaigning for Mayor the two suits should get lots of traction in the press, and information on Mr. Caraviello's wrongful conduct should be front and center.

please note:
I left Demet's of my own volition!    :)

My opponent?

I left that big tub of lard in POLICE CUSTODY AT DEMETS!

An obese city council president in a doughnut shoppe!

PHONE CALL 4:47 pm
It's Officer Barry Clemente...

the police are everywhere!!!!

street sweeping
April 10 - April 28

Hi this is Barry Clemente with an informational message

as always, we appreciate your patience and cooperation

file under POLICE STATE
Me,Five police officers
and one of the Top 10 SOB's in Medford
all in the same room!

This is a job for Facebook Live!