Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Varsity Coach Scandal Heating Up

No wonder Stephanie Muccini-Burke put the chill of the ice queen out there last night.

One of our informants tells us that the allegations against the varsity coach will take a new turn... allegedly a witness is about to come forward ...and they fear going to the Medford Police.

With good reason.

Is the Director of Personnel dragging down the police chief, the school superintendent, the city solicitor and others in this huge allegation of sweeping inappropriate behavior under the rug for political expediency?

Stay tuned...between this story and the blockbuster on the Medford Housing Authority, things are going to heat up quicker than the ice queen can purportedly chill them !!!

Maybe she needs to borrow some of the G.U.'s crushed ice...

File Under: Frozen by the Freddy Fridge