Sunday, April 2, 2017

Winchester Public Access Swept Sexual Harassment Claims under the rug

Melodie Wing, a lawyer and the President of Winchester's public access station, one of the three board members who refuse to leave, hired outside counsel to cover up extremely vulgar behavior aimed at high school students by a former employee.  

The employee allegedly wrote down the women he had sex with, and the amount of times he had sex with them, and bragged about it to 15 year old boys and girls, one of the young women with an obvious crush on him.  The police, the high school superintendent and more, were all made aware of it.  Sound familiar, Medford?  With hard evidence like claims against a Medford alleged predator whose Paypal account was reportedly closed for video escapades that will disgust you, all swept under the rug.  Sick. 

One Saturday morning the "professor" was bragging about an Asian woman he allegedly had his way with, describing her in the most hideous and vulgar of ways while people were editing in the editing bay.  He was LOUD about bragging as he had spent months, if not years, without a woman being involved with him.   Now you know why!  If he did "have his way" with her, she was just a tool he could brag about to strangers.  Then there's the current staffer who made homophobic remarks about the repair guy and how he - the repair guy from a major television station, was so in love with the "professor" that he could probably get Beatles Rock Band out of the guy for Christmas

Sick stuff.

And the E.D., who would take the two crude incompetents out to shag softballs behind the high school, was so out of his depth he removed ALL members who didn't live in the town (with help of the crony-infested board) because he was always looking over his shoulder, afraid he would be exposed as the fraud that he is.  He had to learn on the job!   The big slob. 

It is TV3 Medford all over again with crony board members defending vulgar behavior of a staffer and a former staffer.

Board of Directors
WinCAM is governed by a seven member volunteer Board of Directors:
  • Melodie Wing, President
  • Allan Eyden, Treasurer
  • Peter Pongratz, Clerk

Allan Eyden has long worn out his welcome, and Melodie Wing just loves the awards the E.D. showers on her, though the awards belong to whatever volunteers are left as they run the once promising station into the ground.

Look into the claims against Wing's abuse of power when former employees allegedly sued and allegedly won!  It's all so confidential, y'know.   More soon!

How can there be no "term limits?"  Easy when three jokers run it like their own private little sandbox, despite 15 year old girls having to have heard the sexual exploits of an individual now a college professor.

Think about it.    WinCAM's ugly activities and claims against the E.D. and one goober who asked "what is prime time" when he was told he wasn't ready for it, just the tip of the iceberg.

We've been working on a slam dunk story on WinCAM and how, like TV3 Medford, the inmates were running the asylum.  It's about to launch very soon.  Stay tuned, Bill O'Reilly.