Sunday, April 2, 2017

Some Honest Politicians for Medford

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Where's the public service?

Ol' Charlie Shannon must be spinning in his grave when
Adam Knight harasses a woman who served in the military - evidenced when Jeanne Martin was at the podium

The Dello Russo clan must be horrified by junior's juvenile antics

Just add up all Frederick N Dello Russio Jrs' motions  to see what a waste of space that socially inept quack is on a powerless council that puts Citizens last

Then there's the classless "disDussions" of soon-to-be-defendant Caraviello, as malicious as he is inept. 

The bungler lies every time he recites The Pledge of
Allegiance.  When he opens his mouth at the council it sure seems like his allegiance is to Elmer Fudd, Mr Magoo or both

"And justice for all" when he filed malicious prosecution is evidence of Caraviello lying while pledging to serve our country and its citizens.

Which proves the point. Where is the public service these jokers are required to provide?