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890,024 Court Puts YOU through Metal Detector, then leaves you with alleged assailants in a hearing room you can't get out of

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It's like an ugly Twilight Zone episode.
You do as former Judge Isaac Borenstein advised and take bad situations into a courtroom for justice.

A tone-deaf clerk fails to do the right thing,
and then leaves the victim trapped in a hearing room with two suspicious characters already on court record for having "brutalized" the victim.

Victim held hostage and kidnapped, basically, as he couldn't leave the hearing room.  He was trapped by two snickering, juvenile individuals who - on court record - have "brutalized" the victim in the past.  

No court officer!

The clerk just waltzed out of there leaving one victim to face two hungry wolves.

Sick.  Just plain sick.

It was an immediate violation of the 6 month restraining order.

PLEASE NOTE: The two individuals on court record for having brutalized the victim were positioned near the exit.  

The victim was trapped.

Intentionally trapped with the wolves by a maliciously negligent clerk of the courts.

1)One of the individuals could not prove that he didn't commit perjury when he got his big chance in the same courthouse

2)A complaint was filed with the police on November 1 on the other suspicious character for lying in an affidavit and lying to a judge on October 31, 2016

These individuals are not Snow White, not by any stretch.  One government agency can't disclose information on them as it could impede "law enforcement," which the clerk knew and left them to "guard the door" and keep the victim hostage, kidnapped, just like the late wife of a host of Golden Memories was allegedly kidnapped prior to her tragic passing.
Ms. XXXXX (who lost a libel suit BIG TIME) "...admitted it's been tough, dealing with accusations against her that include kidnapping a senior citizen and other misdeeds. And the city's performance hearing just fuels the fire.

After the alleged kidnapping, to add insult to injury, former public access host Ziggy Bush told this reporter at a Market Basket one evening that a 501c3 spent "thousands of dollars" to drag his friend into Somerville District Court...  

This writer went to Somerville Court as moral support for the now-deceased public access host P.F. and was thrown out of the courtroom for being a reporter!

The fix was in on the old man. And now he's dead.  They literally harassed him to death via malicious abuse of process.

(THE ABOVE STORY IS JUST ONE OF MANY EXAMPLES; it does not - necessarily - have any bearing on the hostage-taking referenced in this story.)

...this is what these kind of individuals do, they allegedly assault you and then drag YOU into court and point the finger.  

They are MASTERS of it.

Either the bungling clerk was in on it, or she was just incompetent and careless.  

But a court official called her actions "crazy" and another court officer gave the victim the address of where to file a complaint.


She had NO COURT OFFICER in the hearing room for an ASSAULT AND BATTERY case.

Sick!  Perverted Justice.  No justice at all.

It was sick Attorney Borenstein.  Vile. 
Ok, so let's get this straight.

1)You get assaulted and pay $15.00 to file
for a hearing; file charges against your assailant

2)They put YOU through a metal detector if you aren't some lawyer who threatened to kill you five times in three court houses

3)Then, after a phony hearing where the clerk is as deaf as a rock, the clerk positions the victim at one end of the table with two men on court record having "brutalized" the victim in the past, the clerk leaves the victim to the wolves.

Where was a court officer?

Oh, that's right, they WANTED the victim to be terrorized.

She had NO COURT OFFICER in a hearing on an assault and battery charge.  Either incompetent or malicious, and the savvy clerk is hardly incompetent

She intentionally walks out leaving the victim with two men on court record as having "brutalized" the victim in the past.

This is your system of justice.

It is sick.

Brian Burke in Middlesex Superior Court

William G Farrell - the Perjuring Magistrate - caught red-handed in Somerville District Court

...and now Rusty Godowski gets re-raped by Myra Breckinridge again in Cambridge Court, forty six years after that ill-fated X rated film.


They think nothing of it.

Complaints are now flying, and getting time stamped.