Thursday, December 22, 2016

Medford Mayor Muccini-Burke's Vulgar Vulgar Husband

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Why A Fair Election is Important to the City of Medford

     Stephanie Muccini-Burke was so desperate to become mayor that she threw muddy lies at her opponent.  The mud was being flung by phony "polling" - fraudulent poll calls to homes in Medford which were, actually, venomous attacks on Muccini-Burke's opponent.

     Stephanie knew she was lying about her friend Bob, but she didn't give a damn.  Her lust for power came at the expense of many.

     Then there's that little problem with the Varsity Coach.

    Actually, if the allegations are true, the teacher that was disappeared on June 30, 2015 had the luxury of whatever it was that caused him to depart from the high school - whether he got a new job babysitting or something - or if Roy E. Belson made a determination that the kinda sorta recent hire had to be given the heave ho. 

     Bless his little heart, the school superintendent said to a new hire "Joe thinks I hide sexual predators at the high school."  (Paraphrased.)

     Some call that self-inoculation, or some may say that Roy is pure as the driven snow and has nothing to hide.    As the Friday night filth fest liked to put it:  YOU BE THE JUDGE.
     This election is about putting Medford on the right track.   Too many sleazy things have happened - the police chief busy busy busy besmirching multiple victims while putting up that THICK BLUE WALL to protect cops whose behavior, Jimmy Hughes and Shawn Lee - was as repugnant and revolting as what Miguel Lopez did.  

    And then there's spit-on-the-camera-lens Stephen Lebert.   What a piece of work. What a full-of-himself, arrogant reprobate.
    And who was the director of personnel with Leberty-bert-bert on the force?

    Stephanie (full of) Malarkey Burke
    So a video dude is at the Chevalier to tape a back-up of The Great Debate.  Talk about arrogant and full-of-himself, some total dick by the name of Brian S. Burke, uses the word "Motherfuxxer" in front of seniors and women.

      JV: "Watch your mouth. There are WOMEN and SENIORS here," I said politely.

      "YOU TURN AROUND" Brian S. Burke ordered me.  What a jackass.  Ya think I turned around for that slob?   HA!

      I whipped out the old iPhone and snapped Burke talking to Medford's own Butcher Boy.

     Annoying birds of a feather futhermucker together, or something like that.

     As Johnny B said to me on the phone tonight, when I'm mayor we need a new police station other municipal buildings.  That former candidate for mayor is correct.   And as important as shiny new buildings to make Medford proud and not the dump it is under the Muccini-McGlynn reign of terror, we can't have a council president wanting to hit a man with a dirty metal pipe, we can't have his reprobate nephew-in-law speeding through a stop sign so he can terrorize some homosexual he most likely has a crush on, and we can't have Madame Knight and her drag show every Tuesday when we are supposed to have a city council meeting.

    Drag show as in, mumbles Knight is such a drag to tune out.  You certainly can't listen to the knucklehead.

     This city needs a cleansing.   We need fresh eyes on the city.   Muccini-Burke staffing her Administration with "Bra City" - women without the qualifications or the passion for city government, Muccini-Burke turning a blind eye to Stephen LeBert, the varsity coach and more, we just can't have it.

      Her husband with the dirty filthy mouth is the poster boy for bad behavior.  A photo of the jerk at the Chevalier next to the butcher boy says it all.

     Happy Christmas, Medford.   There's a new sheriff in town.