Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When Court Clerks are Negligent

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Heck, why have a victim or an alleged "defendant" show up at all?


Nov 3, 1980 - A civil action against the clerk and former assistant clerk of the Superior Courtfor the county of Norfolk for negligence in issuing an erroneous .

If you aren't invited to your own hearing, there is mischief afoot!
 In Somerville District Court one of my victories over TV3 was thrown in the proverbial waste basket

I had to WRITE to the Judge (with a CC to Attorney Phony D. Slimy) and have the victory reinstated.

Ya think this happens to other people or do you think they want to hurt me?  Figure it out.


Cook County Judges

Cook County Court Clerk Dorothy Brown grossly negligent in maintaining docket

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Cook County Circuit Court Clerk (“CCCCC”) Dorothy Brown is required by Illinois statutes to keep accurate court records and to record court dates, filing of motions and  other pleadings and orders of the court on an electronic docket [=a brief entry of the proceedings in a legal case]. That is her job for which she was elected.
The docket is used by litigants or attorneys to keep track of when pleadings were filed, what orders have been entered and when as well as court dates.
However, the CCCCC’s docket does not have any details that allow a litigant or attorney to determine which pleading, motion, petition, or  order was entered or filed on a particular date.
These inadequacies cause the litigants and attorneys to be impeded in their case, causes them to spend extra time and money figuring out what is going on and when they have deadlines to meet, etc.  This is particularly true when a new attorney comes on the case and needs to quickly get up to speed as to what has occurred in previous proceedings.

But with a bastard like Brian S. Burke in Woburn Superior Court and in other places like Somerville and Cambridge, they encourage bad behavior by clerks...and you are supposed to shut up and take it or they will press phony charges on you to show who is the boss.

Keller-Bee v. State - Maryland Courts

Jun 22, 2016 - negligence on the part of court personnel in preparing the body ... for the alleged negligent act of an unspecified clerk of the court when the only ...

25.077 - Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine

25.077 Negligence case settlements and jury verdicts; case reporting.—Through the state's uniform case reporting system, the clerk of court shall report to the ...


This form is required by the Clerk of Court for the purpose of reporting judicial .... (D) Autonegligence - all matter arising out of a party's allegedly negligent ...