Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alert: Disabled Police and Sheriff's Foundation - Alert

892,990 @ 11:06 am 
892,981 @ 10:57 am
ALERT: ONLY 11 PERCENT goes to the Disabled Police and Sheriff's Foundation. 

December 29, 2016 @ 10:39 AM

"helppolice dot org" indeed!
Your Generosity Will Help Save Lives
Ya think????  Not with only eleven percent going to the men and women who need it.

A phone call on cellphone 774-203-4213 at 10:39 am. The fellow has a script and slips in "on this recorded line" so I keep talking over his script till he listens to me and my question is this: "How much money goes directly to the Disabled Police and sheriffs and he says "a minimum of 11%" - meaning - that Eighty Nine percent is pocketed by some foundation calling you on your cellphone. A similar phone call came in a week or two ago on the landline and it was the same story --- so the fellow gives me a phone # to call about "the foundation" 800 - 342-0149
"we do not have a representative available at this time we apologize for any inconvenience the call may have caused you blah blah blah.

I call the original 774 number and get pretty much the same malarkey on the 800 number the fellow gave to me for more information and for questions.

SO - ALWAYS ask how much money goes to the disabled police and how much goes to the "foundation" - and what I tell them is that I give to charities that give the majority of the money to where it is intended to go.

You can always find the percentages online if you look for them...and if you can't find the percentages, hang up on them.