Friday, December 30, 2016

Apologies for Fewer Posts - as we work our Mayoral Campaign

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My days are jam-packed with things to do.

Many apologies for fewer posts...but look at the bright side: the Transcript is devoid of any news whatsoever this Holiday Season...and it isn't because of the banishment of Alex "the typist" Ruppenthal who types Nell's dictation rather than go out and get the stories on his own ... it's because Nell is busy busy busy with all those chocolate bon bons she got for Christmas, probably alleged bribery from the corner office!* ...

So last night as I was leaving one of the nightclubs in the chilly, rainy, freezing night, some drunk - the poor slob - kept falling on the concrete.  Some younger twenty-something dude kept picking the gray-haired guy up, and he kept falling.

I said to the younger guy "That is very nice of you. I think he's a court clerk up in Middlesex Superior Court and he has to get to work in eight hours."

They didn't seem to know what the hell I was talking about...but I thought it was funny...

oh well... 

*I'm not that cold. I also asked if they needed to call for an ambulance.  The poor dude was so inebriated it looked like he wanted to say "Remember what I called you at the Chev-ha-laier..."  (that is drunk pronunciation for Chevalier)