Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pop Explosion Radio Show Closes Out 2016 Have Fun!

892,681 @ 1:56 pm 
892,675 @ 1:04 pm

1)Sounds Orchestral   Cast Your Fate to the Wind

2)Tommy James and the Shondells "Ball of Fire"

3)Blue Cheer  "I'm the Light"

4)Steve Dennis   "Reboot"

5)The Cowsills  "The Rain, the Park and Other Things"

6)Raphaelle   "Simple Things"
7)Paul Wu  10 曲目 10
from Taiwan, Province of China

8)Marianne Faithful  "Ruby Tuesday"

Interview - Frank D.S. on the films Nocturnal Animals and Jackie

9)Jerry Goldsmith Theme from L.A. Confidential "Rollo Tomasi" by the great Jerry Goldsmith

10)Rollo Tomasi   Walkin' on a Pretty Day"

Rollo Tomasi Walkin' on a Pretty Day Dance Monkey Remix by Joe Vig with Marianne Safka Melanie Faithful "California Dreamin'

11)Melanie Safka  "California Dreamin' / Beautiful People"

12)We Five  "You Were On My Mind"

13)Diana Ross  "Remember Me"

14)Mailman Carl  "Phyrgia"
from the CD Painfully Existentialist

1:58:36 pm

15)Ray Charles  "You Don't Know Me"

16)Rollo Tomasi Quartet  "If You Want Me To Stay"

17)Stevie Wonder "Sunny"  (Live)

18)Ozlo  "Molasses"

19)Barry Manilow  "All I Have To Do Is Dream"

20)Horse Mode  "Highly Respected and Esteemed Aquaintences " from the album Defenestrator

(wiped out Bette Midler "Strangers in the Night" as I wasn't in the mood for disco)

21)The Wildweeds  "No Good To Cry"

22)The Beatles "A World Without Love"

23)The Guilloteenagers  "Fifty Seconds"

24)Surprise Party  "My Friend"

25)The Complaints   Nothing (Leads You Back)

26)The Beatles  World Without Love

27)Princess Leia    He's My Brother

28)Positive Negative Man "Twister"   at PA's Lounge Somerville in January

Medford's own:
29)Jesse and the Hogg Brothers  "White Trash Meth Lab"

30)Thunderclap Newman  "Something IN The Air"
"Hand out the arms and ammo / we're going to blast our way through here....'cause the revolution's here...and you know that it's right..."

31)Georgette Jones  Stand By Your Man

32)The Band "Daniel and the Sacred Harp"

On to 2017!!!

Joe Vig for Mayor!