Friday, December 30, 2016

A Little Revolution Every Once in Awhile

893,555 @ 6:04 pm

"A little revolution every once in awhile is a good thing, don't you think?"

Sean Connery to Alec Baldwin 2 hours and eleven minutes into the film

Darth Stephanie should have CRH - Communist Red Hair and she would be the Blunt for Red October or something like that.

She blunted public access

Heidi Riccio at School Committee last summer
Access will open " September."

Stephanie Muccini-Burke corrected Riccio and said " October."

Riccio - I believe - came back and said "September."  Check the video

At the high school in November speaking with Roy Belson, the Superintendent told me that access would open "In January."

The Medford Sanskrit now says Spring 2017 

What a joke.  I don't care if only ONE person in the city wanted to use it ...Mayoral candidate Judge John Byers or Dan Hurley - that the ratepayers fund this every month and that Stephanie sees no urgency means she perpetrated THE STUNT IN RED OCTOBER

In 2016 Stephanie promised October.
It was a stunt, very transparent, downright evil 

Evil Darth Stephanie does NOT want any people running for mayor on access TV.

She is STEALING ACCESS TV by dragging her feet, and YOU, dear resident, are not part of her plan.  She just wants you to fund all of her delusions.

"Yup.  Burp."   From a corrupt court clerk in the peanut gallery.  Which clerk?  Take your pick, but not former clerk James Burke, they already sent that rat to prison.