Thursday, December 22, 2016

Santa's Court House Wish List

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"She'll seize you when you're sleeping
Chief Justice get the broom
 She locks a senior citizen
with O.J. in the hearing room...
You better watch out
put on a bandana
The fix allegedly put in by
corrupt Ex Judge Paul "Fidel" Havana 
Santa Clerk is Leaving this town

1)Report against Court Clerk sent to Chief Justice:    FILED  12/20/16

2)Motion to Recuse Court Clerk from hearing the same case in Motion to Reconsider
FILED  12/22/16 4:25 pm

3)Motion to Reconsider and to have that motion at a different court house: FILED 12/22/16 4:25 pm 

4)Letter to Different Clerk complaining about clerk who left victim alone in a hearing room with two individuals victim has complained about
FILED 12/22/16  4:25 pm

5)Complaint with CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION of Attorney General's Office
TO BE FILED 12/23/16

6)Lawsuits against cities of Medford, Somerville and Cambridge for alleged funny business!


Trust us on this, that disgraced old retired judge might have the same initials as a creepy employee of the sheriff's department, but both of them are far from P.C. (Politically correct!)