Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Ballad of Election 2017

1,102,308@10:29 pm
1,102,014 @ 4:15 pm

White haired Mrs. Burke
she thinks she's Medford's queen
and poor David McKillop
never learned/how to be mean
a "new" city council
as old as gangrene
welcome to the ballad of

Potholes on the street
in desperate need of macadam 
and a political prostitute
her code name is: The Madame
a city in the I.C.U.
the square, it's half past dead
with a juvenile delinquent 
brings the dawneth of the Fred

Now Ruggiero and Ruseau
the school committee is so happy
and poor old Robert Skerry
can spend lots of time with Nappi
while David McKillop
he should have been more scrappy
clueless Burke, she owes him big time
Mike McGlynn is still her pappy

The council, not so lucky
Car a viello out of place
freshmen stay away or George
will punch them in the face

More problems than obesity
the city's biggest yellow belly
report to DSS those who
cast votes for George Scarpelli

with a new school committee
we can remove the high school dean
the only consoloation prize
we get from /

Say Gone, ROY
Paulette can't save you now...