Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Fine Arts" with Jennifer Belanger at Medford Public Schools

Does Mark Rumley find this "repugnant" as well?

Jen Belanger, the only teacher listed under "Elementary Art" at a school named after her grandfather.  This is sick.

Elementary Art
Susan Keefe (Brooks)
Patty Davis (Brooks)
Diana Nobrega (Columbus and Curtis/Tufts)
Julia Roberts (Columbus)
Jen Belanger (McGlynn)

Kathleen Shanley (Roberts) 

Pursuant to your public records request of Monday, November 17, 2014 sent by e-mail, I am providing you with the following information:

Amanda McGlynn was employed starting September 1, 2007. She was paid the following amounts:

SY  2009-2010  $43,548
       2010-2011  $50,275
       2011-2012  $53,450
       2012-2013  $57,322
       2013-2014  $60,522

At no time since her hiring by the Medford Public Schools has Ms. McGlynn collected unemployment

Jennifer Belanger was employed starting September 1, 2006. She was paid the following amounts:

SY   2009-2010  $49,646
        2010-2011  $47,521
        2011-2012  $58,985
        2012-2013  $63,658
        2013-2014  $70,135

Sisters get huge pay raises 

"Sisters, oh sisters" (Yoko Ono)

Over 20k for Mrs. Belanger ...almost 17k for Amanda McGlynn

The Little Princesses

Your money, people, do NOT vote Muccini-Burke or more

money will go south, right into the McGlynn Machine.

City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley / Medford Daily Mercury
on or about Nov. 16, 2008 (quoted from the 2nd Judge Jackson-Thompson hearing) saying:

“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”