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Nell Coakley's Boss is S Burke TOO! Sean Burke...too funny

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Sean Burke and Stephanie Burke, hmmmm....     how confusing!

Stephanie Can't Win!  It would screw up Nell Coakley having to answer to TWO editors with SBurke@ in their e mail addresses!


Is Darth Escobar-Coakley McGlynn's Cloaking Device?


Dearest Nell:

Please show us ALL the articles on River's Edge published in the Medford Transcript.  Search engines indicate there weren't any (albeit a small one) in "your" publication.

Why? is this important ??????

Because Stephanie Burke is now bragging about being on the MVDC as a commissioner in her campaign literature. Stephanie has made this the issue, not me, and certainly not you!!!
Which is regrettable, Nell.

Certified Public Accountant 

Self-employed businesswoman, Tax Manager at "Big 6" Accounting Firm, and Corporate Controller for Multi-State Corporation.

Director of Budget/Personnel
City of Medford

Ushered through capital improvement plan. which included MHS Science Lab, District-wide technology upgrades, new DPW Facility, as well as elevated the bond rating.

Mystic Valley Development Commission

Worked on completing the Master Plan for the 30 acre mixed-use Rivers Edge project located just north of the Wellington MBTA station. The site includes a 10 acre riverfront park.

NELL, we want to know why you seem deficient in talking about the Mystic Valley Development Commission and the four million dollar lawsuit that it lost.

The MVDC found by a judge to have not been forthright with PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS

Nell, the Mayor is NOT your editor, you are supposed to be serving the people, not McGlynn and his unclean hands.


There was a little blip in the Transcript, but not the story my former editor, Natalie Miller, wrote in the Observer. Why?

 2)Since Stephanie Muccini Burke is BRAGGING about being on the River's Edge MVDC as a commissioner, ask her if she informed her council colleagues about the lawsuit when Council President Maiocco flipped out for not being informed, which I believe they were required to do.

IF Muccini-Burke was ON THE MVDC the same time she was on the council, 2009, which I believe she was (they conveniently deleted the MVDC site that had her and McGlynn on the commission; I read it years ago) then YOU have an obligation to publish the information AFTER asking Mrs. Burke
why she would brag about something on her website - being a commissioner - yet ignoring the very dark past of the MVDC with eminent domain and toxicity issues etc.

Notice how a judge found the MVDC not being forthright with public records requests.

Ask Nell Escobar Coakley (or is it CLOAKLEY as in McGlynn's Cloaking Device) why she didn't blast the news all over the paper?  




We are going to ask - in a public records request - when Stephanie Burke was on the MVDC board that she brags about in her campaign literature.

EVEN if Burke wasn't on the board when the lawsuit happened, she participated on a board with a very suspicious history.

Was BURKE on the Board of MVDC  AND on the City Council when Council President Maiocco flipped out at the City Council because the MVDC did not alert the Medford City Council, as it was required to?

Medford councilor accuses Malden official of hiding lawsuit

Posted by Travis Andersen  September 25, 2009 11:00 AM

By Travis Andersen, Town Correspondent
Medford City Councilor Robert Maiocco says Stephen Wishoski, head of the Malden Redevelopment Authority, concealed a pending lawsuit against the commission overseeing the River's Edge development, when Wishoski asked the Council for a $1 million loan to help fund the project in April 2008.

"You were obligated to notify the Medford City Council [of any lawsuits] and you didn't," Maiocco told Wishoski at a Medford City Council meeting earlier this week. Wishoski denied the accusation.


IF Darth Stephanie held back, was not forthright with the information to her fellow councilors, it means she wasn't forthright with the PEOPLE, hiding the MVDC truth from the people of Medford.

If so, how can you EVER trust Stephanie Muccini-Burke?

Was Gary Zappelli right about her?  Did Zappelli know something?  Why was he so vicious in attacking Stephanie Burke*

*Zappelli is a mean-spirited, vindictive, nasty individual who makes it VERY personal; that's a given, BUT, Zappelli has a bizarre friendship with Michael J. McGlynn that is under investigation as you read this; it could come back to bite both McGlynn and Burke.