Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Freddy Dello Russo, Jr. Doesn't even speak on his co-authored motion with Adam Knight

Hypocrite RELIEF!!

Freddy Dello Russo, Jr. and Adam Knight were AGAINST Charter Review before they were for it.



Adam Knight and Freddy Dello Russo Jr

are hypocrites

Knight spoke very little on his own motion, Dello Russo Jr. allegedly didn't speak at all.

One official said "You have to give Paul Camuso credit for sticking with his position that he's always had, being against Charter Review."    

Yeah, because that reprobate isn't running for office this time around.   Why give Camuso any credit? They are ALL hypocrites...good bye to bad rubbish.


Knight's days are numbered on the council and there are reports that Knight is terrified of running in 2015, knowing that the odds are stacked against him.