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Belson Oath of Office

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I, Roy E. Belson, do solemnly swear to ...

Fill in the blanks, Jenna...

Roy signs "So Help Me God" and then he writes this 
March 29, 2016

Mr. Piglione:

The insults that you routinely hurl at respected public officials who have served this community well for many years is a disgusting reflection of your own personal malevolent mind set. While you are entitled to your opinion and you have first amendment rights, the misinformation and unsubstantiated rumors that you spread are a total detriment to civil discourse on important community issues.

Dr. Heidi Riccio is an outstanding educator who has made substantial improvements to our vocational programs. We are proud to have her in Medford.    (Riccio dismissed from Lawrence: )

Paulette Van der Kloot and Robert Skerry are school committee stalwarts who bring knowledge, experience and community commitment to their public responsibilities. Your criticism of them is disrespectful of the voters who have re-elected them each to many terms.   (article on Skerry and Van der Kloot bad-mouthing a woman with initials E.B. )

Mayor Stephanie M Burke is doing a great job chairing the school committee and she does not deserve the slanderous characterizations that typify your mean spirited posts. She will make many positive contributions to our community during her time as Mayor  (So that's why WRKO's Kuhner broadcast to the listeners across Massachusetts that Mrs. Burke is a "charlatan!"  ) 

Jenna Tarabelsi will face trial in August. If you read the transcript article properly,any rumors about her conduct were heard well after she was not re-hired. all her application materials were clean before she was hired. (Tarabelsi was allegedly a political hire from Arlington Catholic High, a school attended by yours truly and Mayor McGlynn back in the day.  As I stated to Mr. Belson "You KNEW of the rumors at Arlington Catholic before you hired her! - editor)

The new development of a multi-media educational and community access station will be a great boon to our students and the community at large. Your aspirations are only self serving and a distraction to real progress. (They ripped off my hard work and honest efforts shutting down Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the mayor absconding with public access to pay for government and educational monies they allegedly misappropriated to pay three high school teachers - Dunphy, Goldsberry and Jack Dempsey; I do not believe those three salaries are covered by the "home rule petition" whereby they take the other SIXTY PERCENT of access monies, leaving only 20% of the million or so dollars a year for the public, and they now take ALL of that too, asking a CORI CHECK of candidates who may want to do access TV so Burke can pry into the private lives of her competition.   As Martha Coakley said to me at Dempsey's "I've heard about that."  Yeah, Martha, you did, but you did nothing about it! - JV)

 You were given a full opportunity to speak at last night's school committee meeting. Despite your continuous insulting commentaries, you were treated with respect as a citizen. Instead, you just respond with insults..   (I can still hear Mayor Burke's gavel slamming in my ear when I was scheduled to speak 10-16-17 but she didn't want to hear about Paul Donato's sex stunt the day before at the private access station, where Donato had access to Michael Marks' private parts in front of two young children (about 9 and 10 years of age,) and a student running the camera)

You are a pathetic and disgusting person. You have no sense of decency.  

Roy E Belson

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