Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pop Explosion - REAL PUBLIC ACCESS TV on Radio

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1)Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker 

2)Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love

3)The Sidney Green Street Band - Last Beer & Testament

Joe Vig at the Medford City Council speaking 2-20-18 audio played on radio show

4)Third Rail "It's Over Now"

What a great day, what a fun radio show...real public access, not restricted by the censorship of Stephanie Muccini-Burke and Mark E. Rumley, the authors of Censorship in Medford
5)Pamela ruby Russell

6)Renaissance  Sounds of the Sea

7)Adam Rivera  Time Lost

8)Cy Curnin  "Traded the Wind for Gold"
tune in now  1:37 pm

9)David Clayton Thomas "I've Been Loving You Too Long"

10)Session Americana - Interview with Ry

11)Sessions\ Americana  Girl From North Country
performing at the Once Ballroom Somerville this Friday
12)Session Americana  Ice Cream Man

13)Ry Cavanaugh Session Americana Interview part 2
to 2:06 pm

13)Geoff Bartley   "The Wealthiest of Men"

14)Gene Dante/Future Starlets "A Madness to his Method"

15)The Complaints "Mountains"

16)The Beatles  "Dear Prudence" Instrumental

17)Audioscam  "Thank You"

18)John Batdorf  "Home Again"

19)Kenny Selcer   Kenny's Tune

20)Modern Day Idols  "Almost Glad to See You"

21)Donna Summer " They Can't Take Away Our Music"

22)Jesse & Hogg Bros  "Ballad of Brack Cornett"

23)Four Point Complaints "Writing's On the Wall"

24)Mr. Curt and Geoff Pango "She's A Miracle"

25)Feed the Kitty  "Dreaming Ain't Enough"


26)Jimi Hendrix/Curtis "Thank God I'm Not Adam" Knight  "Killin Floor"


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