Friday, February 23, 2018

FORMER RESIDENT HAMMERS BELSON - Beware the Ides of March, Et Tu, Paulette?

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I know that I’ve moved on from Medford but in my years of dealing with Roy Belson I have a right for my two cents. 

This man is arrogant. No two ways about it. He took a “beating” last night and it was deserved. He could have saved the entire thing by resigning. I’m sure he didn’t related to his pending retirement and payoff.

What some younger families may not remember is there was a woman on the school committee named Lena Digiantomasso.    She stood up year after and year and tried to get Mcglynn and the other members to recognize this man’s inability to lead and his arrogance and not communicating with the parents. 

No one wanted to hear her. In fact, i believe i even remember a time when Mrs Van der Kloot came to his rescue much like last night. This is what happens when you have complacency in your political system.  

Breanna Lungo-Koehn made a heroic attempt to bring Accountability to the hearing last night. 

This is a woman who should be highly considered for mayor of your city. She gets it. From day 1 she gets it. She has fought the “boys club” and is a shining star today.

I hope you all don’t fall for his fake performance of accountability or his cohort the mayors attempts to play dumb (and after watching the 5 hours of tape last night it sounds like you are all on to him). 

This is why i commented on him last year in that having a superintendent of his age is not good for any city. 

He truly didn’t see this as anything wrong to “prevent parental anxiety” ..: what he means is “I don’t feel like dealing with parents and their crap so throw the bullets away no one will know”... well Roy Belson I’m happy to see you squirm

 Belson standing with angry and not very nice TV3 exile Steve Bertorelli --- birds of a feather, outgoing Belson next to a key member of the station forced to shut down

Belson with Ben Brown, who is standing in the way of public access television in Medford doing the bidding of the disgraced mayor, Stephanie Muccini "Varsity Coach Got Her Tongue as does Belson" Burke

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