Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Pattern of DECEPTION in the CITY OF MEDFORD - Your Money Goes South and They Can't Tell You Where!

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Had Detective Mackowski actually read this blog instead of harassing the editor, maybe his conscience would tell him to adhere to his oath of office.

Oh, I forgot, this is the city where THE COPS ARE ROBBERS is purportedly kept OUT OF The Medford Public Library:

Here's an important library, this blog:

February 6, 2001, the city council doesn't know where the benches went.  Vice President of that 2001 council?
Crooked Stephanie Muccini-Burke

Mike McGlynn's rhetoric not answering the city council's question:

Missing Copper, Missing Manhole Covers, Missing Access TV Monies - what's wrong with this picture, Medford?

So the missing benches - why are we going back to 2001? Very simple, you can see the pattern of deception by Medford government officials spanning 18 years. Taxpayers, ratepayers, businesses, civic groups, residents need to wake up and see what is going on.

1)In April of 2019 the Law Office, headed by the City Solicitor, failed to give the documents on the city hall doors over in a timely manner.

Where did the benches go, Mr. McGlynn, even your own council didn't know!

2)After the Secretary of State came down on them, they handed SOME documents over. The second appeal got information that "the doors are being repaired." Now I am preparing the third appeal: how much to repair them, where are they, where are they going.

 Property Owned by Medford residents is private property, therefore Medford City Hall would not have records on what private residents remove.



3)Back to February of 2001. Stephanie Muccini-Burke, the current mayor, was the Vice President of the Medford City Council, Feb 6, 2001. Maiocco asks for the benches - a city councilor not knowing where benches have been moved to, and two days later McGlynn says a vague "great majority" of the benches" ...yeah? What does that mean? That some will be repaired in time? McGlynn does NOT answer the council question, not at all. And in 2019, the current mayor who was on that council is clueless and cannot even find the paperwork. So where did the benches go in 2001, even the council didn't know. In 2017 the council AND the school committee didn't know about the Chapter 74 board, which purportedly had oversight regarding the monies that I worked hard to save the city. Where are those monies? Where are the missing TV3 monies as well? The City Solicitor so conveniently dropped the investigation. We are talking about monies now in the hundreds of thousands of dollars combining everything, missing copper, missing manhole covers, missing TV3 monies from MCC TV3, now MCM using the monies I saved the city by the removal of MCC and the public kept out of access because the Solicitor's pals from TV3 are there scaring people away. It's a racket. The $3900.00 given to retired judge Marie O. Jackson Thompson, the Ten Thousand Dollars or so given to Melanson Heath & Co LLC, just burn it, the citizens got nothing out of that $14,000.00 or so with $38,000 or more (bet on more; I have documents!) and the donation from a TV station that they let rot outside of 40 Canal Street, and a board member telling me "Well, there's a lot of waste in government." Paraphrased. Not what we want to hear. Anyone's thoughts on this waste of city monies?