Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mrs. Burke's Library Disaster...it's going to be a long 2 years...

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This is an excellent topic for Breanna Lungo-Koehn to discuss in a debate.

Medford Library Closing This Summer, Construction To Follow

The library will relocate to a temporary location for nearly two years of construction.


All due respect to Mrs. Muccini-Burke but her actions, to the logical mind, seem haphazard and not well thought out.

1)Boston Ave is hardly a central location. Great if you live in Arlington or Somerville

2)Reading had its "temporary library" near Market Basket in Reading, no man's land. It was a huge cavern.

The librarians allowed screaming, yelling, people eating, in this huge cavern.

Seniors were very upset and complaints got thrown in "the circular file."

The new Reading library in the old building IS amazing, you can't even compare the old library with the new one, but the transition was dumb, just plain dumb. The Reading Library was temporarily next to a liquor store - great if you're some allegedly drunk husband of a powerful Medford politician who allegedly gets pulled over by the cops on a weekly basis, not good for kids and citizens who just want to use a computer or borrow a book

We need a mayor who thinks and plans carefully. Stephanie Burke's knee-jerk reaction to everything that faces her in this city feel like decisions made by someone without a clue or thoroughly drunk.

And not just drunk with power.

Stephanie is allergic to term limits...time for the voters to remove her. Stephanie has done so much damage to the city of Medford. We needed an Obama to repair the damage caused by George W. Bush and what we got was someone worse, Stephanie Muccini-Trump.
It's reprehensible.
Medford Library Closing This Summer, Construction To Follow
The Reading temporary library was next to a liquor store; some crazy mother brought her screaming child in daily.
And why is it that Medford residents go to Winchester or Reading and not Medford?

Pay to park...pay to park