Thursday, May 9, 2019

Making a Difference in the Medford Community An Editorial From Joe Viglione

1,345,365 @ 9:03 am 

          Medford citizens, we are making positive change in Medford, even if that change seems like baby steps, we ARE making a difference.

     Michael J. McGlynn, his surrogate Mayor Burke, the solicitor and their accomplices disregard your needs for their own petty indulgences.

     Through the Open Meeting Law and FOIA - the Freedom of Information Act and its Public Records Requests and other tools available to the citizens, we are prying open, ever so slowly, the tightly closed doors owned by the public.

     This terrifies Medford City Hall.  We have seen how crooked Richard F. Caraviello, Detective Paul Mackowski, Edward P. Finn, Paul Covino and others have behaved, acting in a manner that I believe violates their oath of office.

    That is how we begin the process of removing the thugs from positions of power where they hurt the community.

Their oath of office.

Rumley's oath is a sick joke played on the citizens of Medford.

Rather than sit down and talk about his indiscretions, Rumley throws rocks at Michael Marks, at me, at you, at ANYONE MARK RUMLEY PERCEIVES

Kiss my ass, Mark.

The best is yet to come.