Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bringing Frank Pilleri's gang to justice; holding McGlynn accountable for his failure to lead

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McGlynn as

Guilty as SIN!


     TV3 knew there was no connectivity at 32 Riverside Ave; it is allegedly in the contract that if 32 Riverside couldn't connect to cable TV, they could break the lease.


      Cable TV subscribers and taxpayers fund a service that was never delivered prior to an election. 

       MCC TV3 Board member Arthur Alan Deluca repeatedly stated in the weekly paper and here on Patch that the cable TV entity that he enjoyed while as a board member. Deluca had unfettered access to the station for alleged use of the computers off-hours, alleged free bus pass, the Solicitor's report noting a "free memberships for life" program for insiders along with payments to board members and other perks, all noted in the Rumley Report.  Deluca conveniently told the public they really didn't need access, yet this entity the public didn't need, Deluca and fellow board members Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg, Ronald Delucia along with staff all used to their heart's content.

     Seems like it smacks of double standards, doesn' it?

     The only TV3 member who lives in the city of Boston, not Medford, phoned this writer via conference call early in 2013 to alert me to his claim that a board member said the intent was to collapse the corporation.

      According to information given by an elected official at the city council, TV3's Frank Pilleri, Harvey Alberg and Ron DeLucia  and Arthur Alan Deluca failed to pay rent at 5 High Street for about 9 months.  They've made wild accusations against just about every Medford resident and government official asking simple questions and, sure enough, they started defaming the landlord of 5 High Street with the obnoxious and absurd claim of "toxic mold" - even paying some "expert" (read: shill) from Newton to come up to the council and give some skewed presentation.

     Given the video of water left at 5 High Street posted on the website and the failure for the board of directors to be forthright with the community about ANYTHING that the community was funding, anything coming from the lips of those individuals needs to be scrutinized, criticized and investigated.

   Why is the TV3 Medford Facebook page still up?  The resources of the cable TV station now belong to the residents of Medford, and that includes the Facebook page.  Solicitor Rumley is being asked to change the password on all sites formerly controlled by the individuals who ran TV3 into the ground

   The Facebook page and Twitter accounts have been forwarded to the Medford Police today as well as to the City Solicitor and three members of the Medford City Council.  On the Facebook is a direct violation of the Agreements that three TV3 individuals made with the police.  They should be charged with lying to the police, a serious offense.  The city of Medford now owns that material, it should not be in the hands of someone accused of a "false bomb threat" and other misdeeds.

     With the knowledge, the fact, that the webmaster from TV3 was evicted from Station Landing prior to the posting of the alleged "false bomb threat" and the knowledge that MCC TV3 didn't pay rent at 5 High Street and then came up with a story about "toxic mold" after they failed to pay rent for close to a year; the allegation that the 32 Riverside Ave contract had a notation that in case the address couldn't receive connectivity from the cable TV subscribers said that the board of directors knew in advance they were moving to a facility where they couldn't live up to their fiduciary responsibilities to the cable TV subscribers.

   The Attorney General's site has info on dissolving a corporation with no assets, which is NOT the case with MCC TV3, but let us put the link here for the sake of the information it contains

   Here is how to dissolve a non-profit with remaining assets

   Rest assured I am writing to the proper government oversight agencies to inform them that I believe there needs to be an audit, great scrutiny, and that if the books and the meeting minutes and financial records are not in "impeccable" shape, as TV3 promised the city at a city council meeting (those DVDs of the council meeting will be entered in as evidence,) that the state needs to step in and do what the Issuing Authority, Michael J. McGlynn, has failed to do for close to 2 decades: keep an eye on the finances the public paid in to what Adam Knight called a "fiasco."  That's right, a new candidate calls it a "fiasco" and had some interesting comments when I met him on the steps of city hall after Candidates Night. 

     This community was brutalized by the non-profit now in the process of dissolving.  This community demands justice.  We are going to get justice and punish any individuals who engaged in deceptive business practices at TV3 Medford; punish them to the full extent of the law.

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D'Antonio trounces No-longer-magic Mike


Oct 24, 2013

I'm going to quote myself from another comment on the Patch, that years ago we asked for term limits for the board of TV3; we have asked for term limits for our Mayor. I've been talking about "crop rotation" at the City Council for close to a decade now. What you see in the essay above is the result of not having term limits. Fascinating that now that TV3 is "dissolved" two of those individuals - elsewhere on Patch - are quoting my position and now asking for the very term limits they absolutely refused to offer our community.