Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mass Dems should be tried and convicted of tilting Medford Mass Election

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Medford citizens pay for cable access TV.  In other communities the candidates get to discuss the issues in a fair and forthright manner.  Not so Medford.  To limit thirteen candidates to about 8 minutes each when those who are elected get paid over $27,000.00 and stay in for at least two years is reprehensible, absolutely reprehensible.

   Who benefits from such a display initiated to convince or sway opinion for political purposes?  The all-powerful Mayor, of course.

   This writer has warned the community - and the heads of the Masschusetts Democratic Party - and the politicians - that a tainted Candidates Night is a disgrace and cheats the citizens.

     Not only have the citizens been cheated by restrictive rules, the voters can't even watch a replay of the D'Antonio skewering of McGlynn until someone pries the DVD out of the safe in State Rep Paul Donato's office so that it can get to Jack "Want to buy a sports video for your kid, gimme $200.00" Dempsey.   Humpty Dumpty Dempsey can then wire up the candidates, oh - that's right - Dempsey was allegedly too lazy to give the candidates a lavalier microphone for their lapel!  Dempsey allegedly just used a camera mic to pick up candidates thoughts (a separate DVD from the Candidates Night DVD, I'm just merging the two issues into this paragraph to point out the conspiracy) so for the 1.7 million dollars y'all paid between 2010 and 2011 (probably MORE in 2012/2013, cable TV subscribers,) McGlynn controls the P/E/G access, abuses the monies that go into a black hole entitled "the General Fund" when they are not being used for high school teacher salaries, and your election choices are limited to the tunnel vision focus that Mayor McGlynn wants you to have: very little.

     OK, so the process is entirely slanted to benefit the McGlynn cronies, Mike's tentacles so pervasive and chock full of self-interest that poor Adam Knight has turned in to the Manchurian Candidate (Stephanie Muccini Burke is livid McGlynn has found another loyal robot, they get quite jealous those entities from the Matrix.)

    I have much more to say on these election shenanigans perpetrated by the McGlynn Administration (Mike McGlynn is Chair of Ward 2 of the entity presenting last night's ludicrous and humiliating display) but it is time to hand out the awards for best - and worst - performances from the City Council Candidates Night forum.

Jimmy Morse

Ten minute video of Jim's comments here:

1)James Morse - former firefighter - was a Mayoral candidate.  His voice was the clearest, loud in a forceful and in-control way,  not shrill like Mike McGlynn's was the week before.  Morse got the issues out in a professional and easy to understand manner.  Excellent work.

2)Robert Penta.  The guy's had enough experience speaking to the city council, and even caught himself saying "Council President' as if it were a council meeting.  The issues were presented, explained, a seasoned pro giving the public solid information in the limited time allotted.

3)Michael Marks.    Marks should have been running for Mayor.  He gave the speech we expected.  Professional, courteous, on point.

4)Mark Crowley.  Crowley has the experience and, like Morse, stated his case with a few missteps a novice can be given an allowance for.  All in all, a strong candidate.

5)Rob Cappucci -  Cappucci gave a very surprisingly firm and forceful speech on important issues.  He was well-prepared and understood the need to get the facts out in the time given.  Good job.

6)Adam Knight.  Have to give credit where it is due.  As I told Mr. Knight after the event, he's a good guy with a good track record, but so deep in the pocket of Michael J. McGlynn that it is turning off many, many people who would otherwise vote for him.  Where was he when I was dismantling Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.?    He called TV3 a "fiasco" and gets points for being johnny-come-lately, but we need a politician who will work with us BEFORE they get elected, not jumping on my bandwagon because McGlynn says it is time to take credit for another man's hard work.  Still, a good speech, the guy is poised, putting signs up everywhere, but his allegiance to McGlynn which he - surprisingly - embraced after the event, didn't distance himself from, is deeply troubling.  He supports the garage.  That means he has McGlynn's hand in your back pocket and on your wallet.  He gets #6 for being a good speaker, but the guy is poison.  Do not vote for Adam Knight.

7)Breanna Lungo-Koehn.  Breanna should know better than to indulge in a Paul Camuso-styled kiss on the forehead to cub reporter Nick Iovino (a.k.a. fish out of water.)  The last time Nick wrote a good story it was from my list of five important items that I noted to him in his office he had dropped the ball on.  Nick finally ran with the Medford Housing Authority story in March or so of 2012, five months after the election when it couldn't hurt McGlynn.  You call it reporting, Nick?  We call it newspaper prostitution.    Breanna's embrace of a typist posing as a reporter threw her entire speech off.  (Same with Camuso talking about Frank Call getting engaged. As if voters want to hear this nonsense?)  Still, Lungo-Koehn has proven herself at the council meetings, as disappointing as that moment last night was.

8)Rick Caraviello - now we are getting to the bottom half of the candidates, the last six.  Caraviello denounced having someone from the Chamber of Commerce asking him a question at the City Council, and CAVE-a-viello caved in and took a softball from Frank Call.  Caraviello then says to me after the event "I gave full disclosure."  Maybe he did, but he showed no spine and we now know Caraviello is no longer on the fence. He has fallen off the fence and into McGlynn's pocket.  Caveat emptor, baby.  Buyer beware.

9)Bob Fitzpatrick.    Hi, I'm really Pat Jehlen and I have approved this message.  The invisible man of Medford politics finally comes forward and shows himself.  Bob, I know Pat Jehlen.  I have an e mail from Pat Jehlen, and like Lloyd Bentsen said "You're no Pat Jehlen."

10)Neil Osborne  - Hi ...I'm Neil Osborne.  I can't believe I'm up here. Wow. I hope you vote for me.  Golly, gee...please vote for me.  I really, really, really want to be on the city council.  I do I do I do I Do I DO!  You all look so lovely out there.  Vote for me.  Please.  Pretty please.  Please vote for Neil Osborne.  I hope you vote for Neil Osborne. I really do.

11)Jeanne Martin.  Ms. Martin was schooled on how to PIVOT when thrown a stupid question that we knew she would be thrown and she was only half listening when I explained the art of debate to her.  She stumbled worse than Paul Camuso out with Sheriff Jimmy DiPaola on a packie run!  I mean it was beyond awful.    "Meadow Glen Mall?  That's where I'd put the new Police Station."  She should have made a pivot to her strength.  Jeanne will be a great candidate...for 2023, but she's not ready for prime time, like her pal Neil above.  Jeanne doesn't think Neil has what it takes.  Jeanne, get a clue: when you look in the mirror, it is the novice Neil Osborne looking at you.  Both of you are in the deep end when you haven't learned how to swim yet.  Sheesh.

12)Fred Dello Russo  -  Insufferable.  Who does he think he is, the Flying Nun accepting an Academy Award?  "They love me...they really really love me"  I would like to thank my great uncle who was Alderman, and my family, and - oh - people ask me with all that I have to do why I want to be city councilor.  You know, I ask myself that too.,  At every council meeting when I'm staring at the ceiling wishing I could get back to my clients who don't bother me the way the ones at the podium do, the living, breathing ones that know how to speak.  Yes, I wonder why I'm running for City Council, and the citizens wonder why as well.

13)Paul A. Camuso - Stuttering John left the Howard Stern Show for Jay Leno and is now nowhere to be found.  Medford has its own Stuttering John in Paul A. Camuso, who had called himself a "mental moron" at a Council meeting.  The self-deprecating humor evaporated many, many council meetings later when Bob Penta so eloquently noted that Camuso is simply "a moron."    First he sucks up to the softball pitcher, Frank Call,
talking about Call's engagement?  Oh, please. The voters want to know what you've done in all these years.  Camuso then gives the campaign rhetoric about bringing businesses in to Medford...spare us.  You've had more than a decade to do that and you haven't.  Self-crafted fiction?  There is a picture of Camuso atop that term.  Shameless, disgraceful and so very bad for Medford that it isn't funny, it is deeply troubling.