Sunday, October 20, 2013

Uncle Gene's Warning to Mikey his nephew

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Underdog Anthony waits in the wings...

"Your opponent has the drop on you."
Uncle Gene to Careful Mike

Dawn & Larry
Uncle Gene
Uncle Bob
Uncle Frank
Uncle Harvey
Uncle Ron
Uncle Arthur
Uncle Webmaster
Aunty Carolyn
Uncle Woody
One by One the dominoes fall

The circus act continues as the auctioneer sets up the dummy Mike and dummy Nell dolls for the customers to pay 25 cents to try to knock down!

Put your quarters on the gaming table!

Next on tap?  Do stay tuned as the political landscape in Medford changes

Happiness is shaking Adam Knight's hand...very slowly....paraphrasing that old
Johnny Carson joke... 
"Happiness is bumping into Raquel Welch...very slowly." - Johnny Carson #LaughIn