Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shoddy work allegedly from Jack Dempsey to interfere in election 2013


Statements recorded by our city candidates are available up on youtube:

Mayoral Candidates:

Notice how Jack "Alfred Hitchcock" Dempsey didn't put microphones on the candidates? The employee paid by Mike McGlynn out of the P/E/G monies telling McGlynn to speak loudly as there is no microphone, allowing D'Antonio to speak softly to not be heard well; not having D'Antonio wear a jacket (a white shirt bleeds into the footage), a tilted camera for candidate D'Antonio, a straight-on camera for McGlynn

This was a set-up designed to make the opponent look weak and designed to make McGlynn look strong.

McGlynn ABUSED access so that no professionals would help his opponent; McGlynn, the Issuing Authority, fraudulently closed down access during an election cycle and framed the message his way.  What a sin, what corruption.  And cable tv subscribers fund the Mayor's personal scam artist videographer who takes our monies and doesn't provide ethical, decent, quality service to the citizens.  

McGlynn and Dempsey are involved in this election scam and should be investigated.


It is a disaster for the citizens by a suspicious Mayor and his creepy way of doing business with your money.


Council Candidates:
Part 1: 
(Paul Camuso, Mark Crowley, Fredrick Dello Russo Jr, Bob Fitzpatrick, Adam Knight)

Part 2:

(Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Michael Marks, Jeanne Martin, Jim Morse, Neil Osborne, Robert Penta)