Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Citizens Demand Answers from Frank Pilleri, Ron Delucia of Ark Insurance and Harvey Alberg



Each and every cable TV subscriber should be outraged that Tv3 is now engaged - allegedly - in going over old video to find moments they can take out of context in an attempt to tilt election 2013.  That's right, no classes for your children, no cameras for grandma and grandpa, TV3 is too busy violating the rule PROHIBITING a 501c3 from engaging in political activity.  That means all of them, including the vicious, vicious wife of a Malden board member, including a Revere resident who will go after a friend's father with a vengeance, with no respect for people he calls "friend", with no real friends anywhere.  Which is why he lashes out so tough, so phony and so cruelly.

Frank Pilleri won't show the Financial Records of a publicly funded company