Friday, October 18, 2013

McGlynn Fatige and Public Safety First!

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Campaign Slogans!

Welcome to Public Safety First Vote Martin for Council

The above concept was developed by the editor of Medford Information Central

As Gene Hackman said in The Birdcage people don't read the story, they want the headlines and soundbites (paraphrased).

I developed the campaign slogans for Jeanne Martin and for Johnny Byers.  They are classic soundbites which benefit the city of Medford!




Improving life in Medford is what elections are all about. This is something every resident needs to realize - so no matter who you vote for please ask five or ten friends to get out there on November 5 and vote.
As for Mike McGlynn and his "no regrets" comment, he's a slick politician who says things that he believes will register.  Our position as a community should be that term limits are as essential to Medford as crop rotation is to farming. 

Mike might be the greatest Mayor and the most benevolent guy in the history of our city.  He might not be.  But that's not the point, no person under the age of 26 should have to say that they've had only one Mayor every moment they have lived in a city, and 26 years of doing anything might lead to complacency or apathy.   Why Mike McGlynn didn't seek the seat in Congress or another dream to catch is a question I would have asked him at candidate's night.

As for Jeanne Martin's comment about not being "beholden" to me, I agree.  She is her own person - I'm just the guy who spent hours at her home building her campaign slogan (Public Safety First), helping her create the website, introducing her to the Medford Mass group, introduced her to blogging on Patch, getting a membership at a TV station etc. etc. etc.   

I expect nothing for that, volunteered my time, and she's done a good job.  No, she is not beholden to me nor has she earned my vote yet.  No matter how much I like a person they have to earn my vote.   My decision on who gets my votes will be made in the next two weeks.  Right now there are two city councilors who I will not vote for and they know who they are.  The rest I will decide at a later date and give ALL the candidates an opportunity to state their case to the people.  

Is the candidate going to be the best person for the job?  Is the candidate going to be honest with the constituents?  Will the candidate show loyalty to those who fight for the right causes?  These are the questions voters need to consider, and loyalty to the residents and their needs is they key to seeing if a candidate has the spine to take the tough votes for YOU or if they will cave and disassociate themselves because they believe it is politically expedient.

An evolving community needs different perspectives on how to get things done. Katherine Clark put a nice template together that no one is utilizing...she won perhaps the most coveted seat.  Follow the Katherine Clark model/formula and a candidate has an excellent chance.  I've been preaching this to candidates for half a year now, before Clark proved my opinion to be correct.

If I'm to ask questions of political candidates at any forum I would recuse myself from asking Ms. Martin and other candidates that I have correspondence with  because that is the right thing to do.

For Jeanne Martin I coined the term "Public Safety First."  For the voters a different term "Let's put Medford first."

Let's clean up our sidewalks, spruce up our city, build a vibrant night life.  It's easy to blame a 26 year incumbent.  The hard work is getting on the phone and getting your friends and family to go out on November 5th and vote.