Sunday, June 25, 2017

ATT: New Candidates 2017 - Mrs. Burke Violating First Amendment to U.S. Constitution

Sent out to many NEW candidates running for elected office in 2017:

Access TV was NOT available to candidates in 2015, McGlynn quoted regarding access TV "I hate it."  And, voila, the strong voice of Bob Penta was kept limited to YouTube while Muccini-Burke and McGlynn used city resources to create a playing field that was not on the level.

Candidates should be very alarmed that the next two city council meetings are to be held at the new private access TV station at the Medford High School

On Wednesday June 14 prior to the Cheryl Rodriguez event at Carroll's
there was a film presentation at Medford high school where at least three members of a cable tv commission showed up.

Members of the school committee and city council had never heard of this Radio / Cable TV Advisory Commission, so how do they say with a straight face that they adhered to the Open Meeting Law?   I have filed a complaint with Mr. Rumley as of Saturday

Demand access TV NOW.  It is your right.  Muccini-Burke is dragging her feet to - again - get a leg up on the candidates she hates, and that word is not used lightly.   While many of us agree or disagree, Muccini-Burke and McGlynn have real contempt for the citizens of Medford that they take so much from.

My lawsuit against the city, Rick Caraviello, the police etc. is moving forward.   I've been in discussions with MANY attorneys and have a very strong hand having defeated Caraviello in court on January 31, 2017.  The Medford Police just created law that does not exist just to defame me.  Think about it.  If they did this to me, if Rob Cappucci and Bob Penta get bashed around by Knight, Dello Russo and Caraviello, then you know the kind of game that they are playing.
Once the right attorney is on board, hopefully this week, the suit will proceed like lightning.

I am calling for a CLASS ACTION SUIT against the city during campaign 2017.   A Class Action suit with concerns about pay-to-park, public access and lack of city services will wake up the sleeping giant of voter apathy.

Consider this.    What a great way to meet the people, going door-to-door with a Class Action Suit against the City of Medford for failing to provide services.

we have 134 days from today, June 25, to change our city for the better

134 days 3227 hours

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