Saturday, June 17, 2017

Helping Medford Become a Better Place

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...A READER ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE WROTE: Because when your cities historic properties are being methodically destroyed what you want is a meeting on cell towers

in the past 15 years the tiny, embattled non-profit that existed only because it received cable franchise fees to survive went on a HATE SPREE of enormous proportions aimed at everyone in the city.

The violent, paranoid, alleged perjurer who operated the 501c3 was already under a cloud of suspicion when City Hall reportedly had the Mayor's uncle, Gene McGillicuddy, replace him for some time.

The rocks they throw at people, a teacher at Medford High School reporting that they screamed and yelled at her for shaking my hand, just proves the ugliness that was on display in Medford.

For years they have harassed and stalked me, a station manager so obsessed that he signed a document in Middlesex Superior Court to stay away from my home and Tony's Gas Station. 

TV 3 was coming to my home.

They stalked me at the city council on or about April 27, 2010, and the individual who threw a punch at me, Matthew Page Lieberman, is now aligned with City Councilor Adam Knight.

They have called this editor every name in the book, have stolen my copyrights, destroyed a Wikipedia page with their lies, and the officer, J.J. McLean, who "mediated," promised that he would put the Wikipedia page back up.

For $119,000.00 a year did he serve and protect as promised?

The police have filed false charges, the mayor's husband called me a vulgarity, you can't make this stuff up.

At least fictional mobster Tony Soprano could be dealt with on occasion.

There is no dealing with the thugs in Medford.

They are violent, they are oppressive, they censor, and they go after EVERYONE and ANYONE who asks a question about the dirty way that they conduct themselves.

Stephanie Muccini-Burke lied that her opponent was a "homophobe."

Interesting, her opponent helps people from all walks of life.  But Stephanie Muccini-Burke wouldn't talk to me, maybe so ashamed that her husband was vulgar to me, or maybe she just loathes homosexuals.

Maybe she was deflecting on her opponent her true feelings about same sex people.

Let's see if she talks to me on the podium during the debates.