Friday, June 23, 2017

Is Muccini-Burke putting YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES at Risk of LYME DISEASE?

1,002,238 @ 4:56 pm

Mayor's Office
City Hall
Medford, MA 02155

TO: Stephanie Muccini-Burke

RE: a)Logan Park  and
possible tick and Lyme Disease threat due to Burke's negligence 24 Logan Ave, Medford, MA 02155

       b)Abuse of new P/E/G station for city council meetings

1)Mrs. Burke needs to ensure ALL Parks and public areas are mowed properly to prevent Lyme Disease.  Mrs. Burke's negligence can cause serious harm to your child or our seniors.

On Wednesday, 6/21/17, the weeds and beer cans were noticed at the park on Logan Ave.
Speaking to residents about the opportunity to be their PUBLIC SERVANT, not a self-absorbed mayor like Muccini-Burke in her room full of mirrors, it was clear that Muccini-Burke's failed administration was not doing its job.

A resident said that the neighbors complained last year (2016) and that the park was mowed once.
That is one resident's perspective.   The cleaning of the park is MANDATORY due to the threat of LYME DISEASE and how ticks FLOURISH in the weeds (see Exhibit A below)

Why did a journalist, harassed and bullied by city hall, have to bring this to the attention of the citizens of Medford?  Because Mrs. Burke doesn't give a damn about you or your loved ones, she cares about herself, her family and those who support her.  She is a pathological liar when it comes to transparency and inclusion.  She snubbed me at La Cascia's Bakery in May 2017 after her husband called me a vulgarity in October of 2015.  It's a vulgar, self-centered family lavishing monies they take from hard-working citizens while they do nothing of significance other than take, take, take.

2)The City Council is projected to take advantage of the access station when residents know nothing about it.

What about the open meeting law and why wasn't information on the Cable Advisory Commission (which I've just received data on via FOIA) posted where it could be seen?  Councilors and school committee were not aware of this commission, to my knowledge

See Exhibit B (below)

I demand Muccini-Burke give us public access TV now and that ALL parks and public places are kept neat and trim.

While Muccini-Burke talks to her mirror and discusses herself, 44 references to herself in a 2015 press release to the Medford Transcript, this candidate talks about you and your family and what your needs are.

And we get results.  As Pat Fiorello said "The camera don't lie" and City Hall called the police on me,
Rick Caraviello, specifically, illegally, because he didn't want the 3/28/17 council meeting on Facebook live for residents who do not have access TV.  It was a violation of law - again - by Richard F. Caraviello, another small-minded individual who cares about his own family and his own ego rather than the needs of the citizens of Medford.  

I am suing the city for six million dollars.   I am in discussion with attorneys and will be filing the suit in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.  Enough is enough; a Council President, the police, city hall, can't make up laws that don't exist to put stress on a journalist who is working FOR THE PEOPLE.

Also, since Mr. Caraviello admitted under oath on 1/31/17 that the city clerk was engaged in a "yelling" incident and that his victim is running for mayor, Finn's presence in election 2017 is worse than the Russians and Vladmir Putin hacking the U.S. election.  Finn is a clear and present threat to our election, he is a nasty, malicious bully, an ex-football player who has already censored this candidate's petitions to the city council.   Mrs. Burke enjoys rule breaking, but she is unpopular both inside city hall and out.

Ed Finn is a disgrace and let this be a second objection to Finn's unclean hands involved in this election.  Ed Finn must be dismissed and replaced. This objection now on public record could be cause for a lawsuit against this city and an injunction during the election process.

Ed Finn is a clear and present danger to this candidate's safety.  But, then again, so are the potential ticks in the high grass that Muccini-Burke's Administration exacts on residents.  See photographic evidence below. 

NO ONE was at the park on Wednesday; after the grass was cut, residents were at the park on Thursday.  You do the math, and then vote Joe Viglione for Mayor.


Mayoral Candidate Joe Viglione
See how many times he references himself, then look at Stephanie's self-absorbed Kabuki Theater

  • Ticks Defined

    Related to spiders, ticks are small bugs that live in tall grass, weeds, and trees. They feed on the blood of mammals. Once they latch on to a host, they can feed continuously for 15 days. Deer ticks have been tied to spreading disease, such as Lyme Disease.
  • Overview

    This Is One Attachment You Don't Need
    If you have trees, tall grass, or open space in your yard, you could have a bunch of hungry ticks lurking there. They lie in wait for a passing deer, pet, or person. Then they drop from their perches and land on their victims. These little blood-sucking critters can feed on their hosts for 15 days. They can pass diseases, such as Lyme Disease, to their hosts, which can be very debilitating. Even so, precautionary measures can help keep ticks out of your hair.
Exhibit B
Community DENIED use of Alden Chambers for TV3, now City Council is abusing the P/E/G Channel for summer meetings. Complaint to be filed. July 18, 2017 Tuesday 7:00 PM Location: Community Access Studio @ Medford High School-489 Winthrop St
August 15, 2017 Tuesday 7:00 PM Location: Community Access Studio @ Medford High School – 489 Winthrop St.

 If we cannot use Alden Chambers for public access, what gives them the right to take up public access time for students and politicians, further abusing access for real people, the real and very reason for access TV

Joe Viglione