Friday, June 16, 2017

Stephanie Just Phoned Me from my new Office!

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Stephanie Burke Just Called Me!
4:30 pm 781 393 2408 the Mayor's Office

Good afternoon, this is Mayor Stephanie M. Burke calling with an informational message ...the city of Medford has experienced a high volume of air traffic since the end of May due to the resurfacing of Logan Airport's major runway.

Massport has reported that the runway is expected to reopen for use by June 23, and this should alleviate a great deal of the air traffic over Medford.

We will continue to update you as we receive information from Massport and we will remain advocates in trying to find a solution to this ongoing concern.

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Thank you very much (in a snippy voice) - she talks way too fast for an "informational message" and sounds like Adam Knight revving up his motor-mouth engine. What a disgrace. Take a public speaking course, Stephanie! They will eat her up in the primary debates! Call 855 502 7867 to opt out of future messages