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Mark E. Rumley at the Chevalier performing as MICKEY THE DUNCE 10:55 am 6/24/07

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Dear Attorney Rumley:

It is troubling to see in the P/E/G documents that I received of a loud "hum" purportedly from the automotive section of the high school.

Please refer to 7/11/16 meeting minutes titled  RADIO & TV BROADCASTING PAC meeting minutes 07/11/16
That Mayor McGlynn's access TV tribunal, Chip Hines, Allison Goldsberry and Fred Laskey, advised the city that the station be put in a central location and were ignored speaks volumes.

So now the July and August meetings of the Medford City Council are going to be held at an access TV station put into the high school against the demands of the cable TV subscribers and the meeting minutes note: "...about the loud hum in the studio space, possible from the automotive space. It could be costly to soundproof."
The inept and bungling Muccini-Burke Administration never thought of this before installing an access TV station in a high school which teaches automotive? and which (intentionally?)  restricts the public's access to hours and availability to the benefit of the students who, ostensibly, have their own piece of the P/E/G access pie - the "E" being for Educational, while excluding the public from even participating in these meetings (which are as secretive as false charges being brought against the most veteran access TV producer/host in Medford by going to a clerk magistrate in the dark of night and filing phony law as irrelevant as Mark Rumley's testimony in Somerville District Court on 9/1/16, according to the highly respected judge!)

There are those of us in the community with a wealth of experience in access television.  By virtue of this clandestine "Radio & TV Broadcasting PAC" meeting not even posted on the city website that this writer could find 

the community has no idea of how the money it pays is being spent, in pure violation of the open meeting law, from my understanding of it.

If you recall, Solicitor Rumley, my complaint on Paul Camuso, as president of the Medford City Council, was essential when Camuso admitted he - allegedly - didn't realize he was supposed to KNOW the Open Meeting Law in advance (a requirement for ALL councilors, is it not?) with the classless Camuso blurting out "at least one good thing came out of this."  Duh.

A question

a)Why are meeting minutes on Medford Vocational Technical High School stationery (is that ever a statement!) - is this an access TV station or mainly
an additional Educational channel which bullies the public out of its First Amendment rights?
Let's face it, the city of Medford is a JOKE in the world of access television, as Bob Haigh and others know full well.

The joke on the cable TV subscribers continues, be it a huge chunk of the P/E/G monies sliding over to the "general fund," or alleged misappropriation of government channel monies to pay the salaries of Allison Goldsberry, Lisa Dunphy and Jack Dempsey at the high school, begging the question - how much of our monies does city hall want to take from unsuspecting cable TV subscribers?

60 % of the monies into the general fund? is it???
20 % allegedly of the Government channel monies to pay teachers, Goldsberry, Dunphy and Dempsey
20 % of the monies designated for access back to the high school?

so where is the actual PUBLIC monies going when the school, not the public, benefits, and the McGlynn Media Blackout continues under his surrogate,
Stephanie Muccini Burke.

Of course you do not want the public at these meetings   Questions would have been raised by members of the school committee and city council had they even been aware of the existence of this secret society called the Radio & TV whatever...commission, one can get a straight answer out of city hall.

A Class Action suit is something I called for, but a certain city solicitor ran up to the microphone at a council meeting to harass me yelling something about how disgraceful it was to use the council to demand the citizens sue the city (paraphrasing Mark Rumley when he violated my First Amendment rights that evening.)

The highly conflicted city solicitor says this with a straight face to a retired judge:

“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”

City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley / Medford Daily Mercury
on or about Nov. 16, 2008 (quoted from the 2nd Judge Jackson-Thompson hearing)

You know what a Somerville judge said about your alleged testimony on 9/1/16, Mr. Rumley:  "Irrelevant."

Your proclamation that you believe in free speech when cable TV is DENIED access producers like the late Pat Fiorello, Chrissy Barthelette, the late Dr. Wood, Carolyn Rosen, John Byers, Allison Goldsberry, Matt Haberstroh, Christopher Donovan, Robert M Penta, or an access TV sponsor like State Rep Paul Donato as well as this award-winning access TV and radio host - you get the picture.  YOU, Mr. Rumley, are a big part of the problem, and this phony cable TV advisory board with the ex TV3 Vice President Paul Gerety on the new "board" (while Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. is under investigation by the office of the Attorney General so sensitive that the AG's office can't disclose information as "law enforcement" could be impeded!) is a sick joke played on hard-working cable TV subscribers.

MCC TV3 is under investigation by "law enforcement," if I am reading the public records document from the AG's office correctly, and one of the head cronies - Paul Gerety - has his suspicious fingers in this new, secretive "commission" or "board" - and you, Mr. Rumley, who investigated the TV3 mess, still want to play "Mickey the Dunce."   Really?

YOU are a LOT smarter than that, which says to me that you are not "Mickey the Dunce," but, rather, someone using the residents of Medford and completely derelict in your responsibilities as a public servant. 

Your actions, Mark Rumley, have been hurtful, mean-spirited, and are highly questionable and suspicious.

You, Mr. Belson, Ms. Van der Kloot, Mrs. Burke should all follow the charlatan "Educator of the Year" Ms. Riccio out the door and out to pasture.

IF Access TV is going to grow and flourish in the media blackout known as the city of Medford Massachusetts

Watch for my Open Meeting Law complaint filing.


Joe Viglione