Friday, June 16, 2017

Joe Viglione for Mayor of Medford 2017

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Citizens of Medford need a new approach to city government.  An approach that cares about you and your families, an approach that gets positive results for all the people of Medford – an approach that is one of vibrant, effective action, not rhetoric and lip service designed to distract. 

These points are the beginning – 1)clean water for your family, 2)better education, 3)charter review and charter change, 4)traffic, removal of pay to park, public safety and an overhaul of the police department starting with the removal of police chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr., 5) qualified Public Servants - stronger oversight in regards to Medford Housing  Authority, Chevalier Theater, sports teams, public access, historical society and more

What we've witnessed in the past year and a half of Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke was an extension of Mayor McGlynn's failed, self-serving policies.  

The five point plan that Mayor Joe Viglione offers is a great place to start, with programs and ideas that can easily extend from the initial five to additional needs and services which ALL residents will help us direct.  All designed to improve Medford and YOUR way of life.

Medford will improve when new eyes look at the school committee, city council and corner office. 

Mrs. Burke, by virtue of her working for the McGlynn Administration, can’t help but be anything but the continuation of McGlynn’s disastrous, failed policies.   

Mrs. Burke bragged about River’s Edge on the campaign trail in 2015, but she did not tell you about the lawsuit that the MVDC (Mystic Valley Development Commission) lost, both the initial suit and the appeal.

A Malden Observer article from August 5, 2010 noted: After being tied up in appeals court for years, a Middlesex County jury has ordered the Mystic Valley Development Commission to pay a Medford property owner $3.63 million, plus interest, for land taken in 2004 by eminent domain during the development of the River’s Edge project.

We will remind Mrs. Burke on the campaign trail that her failure at the MVDC is nothing to brag about.

In 2015 Mrs. Burke’s press release printed in the Medford Transcript referenced herself 44 times. The dog and pony show that was the revolving door of hires – from the alleged removal - oh, sorry - resignation of respected attorney Teresa Walsh as Chief of Staff (and a member of the transition team,) and other resignations - the highly respected  Karen Rose and Louise Miller, Annie Sgroi, Marisa Batista, Anabelle Batista – all great people, all vanishing by July of 2016.  

The current corner office appears to have all women, no minority people that we know of, and the new chief of staff who - purportedly - came from Mrs. Burke’s husband’s office from his job as a clerk of Middlesex Superior court in Woburn.

The public safety issue is a huge one in Medford.  On or about January 23, 2017 the son of Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. was reported on Channel 5 for having his gun and truck taken away from him, a relative having to drive him home. There were reports by witnesses of Joseph Sacco allegedly swerving his vehicle.   In 2013 Boston  Police Commissioner Edward F. 
Davis “said that his son was arrested … in New Hampshire on charges of operating under the influence” ( while the FBI arrested the son of Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo who purportedly warned the FBI in advance about his son

So why was the Medford Police Chief’s son not given a sobriety test, a breathalyzer or arrested?    If his truck and gun were taken away from him, did he pose a threat to society?  Should Chief Sacco be praised for his son getting off the hook, or should Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. be fired.   There is no doubt in this candidate's mind that the fine men and women of the Medford Police department should not have to endure the negligence of a chief who let a few bad apples run amok and let the building fall apart.  Sacco's firing will be the first order of business for Mayor Joseph A. Viglione.

These kind of double standards in Medford are even more shocking when you realize that this mayoral candidate was put on trial just eight days later, January 31, 2017, on false charges filed by City Council President Richard F. Caraviello and the Medford Police Department in retaliation – ostensibly – for pressing charges of assault on City Clerk Edward P. Finn, for filing a complaint on Mayor Burke’s clerk of court husband for issuing a vulgarity at Viglione while he was taping the Great Debate at the Chevalier Theater, and for filing a public records request about the alleged removal of bomb sniffing dogs at the high school and an alleged illicit affair allegedly by a teacher/varsity coach at Medford High School and, allegedly, a powerful politician’s daughter.  

So the police chief’s son was never arrested on January 23, 2017 when there was an allegation of drunk driving – Joe Sacco’s truck and gun taken away from him and a relative called to drive him home, while mayoral candidate Joe Viglione was dragged into court on false charges because he asked the right questions about a teacher/varsity coach and a student, a city clerk that the council president stated – under oath – was at least involved in a “yelling” incident, and a mayor’s clerk-of-courts husband who has a very dirty mouth. And there are witnesses who can verify that.

On the campaign trail we are going to ask about Police Chief Sacco’s son, the allegation concerning the varsity coach and the powerful politician’s daughter and why the superintendent of schools, the then-Director of Personnel, Stephanie Muccini-Burke, the police chief and others didn’t make this information public, and why citizens are smeared, bullied, harassed and put on trial in Medford if they ask the city government to come clean about things that are not only a matter of public interest – things that are a matter of GREAT public interest.

Joe Viglione is the key person who removed Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. from censoring the citizens of Medford.  It’s was Viglione’s proper utilization of public records requests, the open meeting law and appearances at the city council which put the spotlight on the practices at the old TV3.  Indeed, Viglione’s introduction of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to the city of Medford opened the floodgates as many in the general public (as well as some elected officials) were unaware of this important transparency tool.  

A former city council president acknowledged that it was Viglione that made him aware of the obligations he had under the open meeting law after Mr. Viglione’s complaint on that councilor resulted in a hearing in Room 207.

This election is about you, Medford.  While Stephanie Burke made reference to herself 44 times, we the people are more focused on making a better place for you and your family. 

There is only one logical choice to be Mayor of Medford and it is not Stephanie Muccini-Burke.

1)Healthy Water Supply
2)Education infrastructure
3)Charter Review, Medford's Constitution
4)Public Safety, Pay to Park Eliminated
5)Qualified Public Servants - stronger oversight in regards to Medford Housing  Authority, Chevalier Theater, sports teams, public access, historical society and more