Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Joe Vig Pop Explosion Greg Kihn JEOPARDY BREAKING SAD NEWS: Rest in Peace GARY DECARLO

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The Great GREG KIHN  
 (Our Love's in  JEOPARDY)
The Break Up Song

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 1. Greg Kihn   "Valerie"

2)Greg Kihn   "Jeopardy"

3)C Norman Ensemble  "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

Rest in Peace our friend and guest Gary DeCarlo of Steam, Na Na Hey Hey
He passed away this morning.

4:49 Greg Kihn "Valerie," Greg Kihn "Jeopardy," C Norman Ensemble of the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights Brooklyn "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" Sex Pistols "Steppingstone" Interview with Frank Dello Stritto, Interview with Greg Kihn, Greg Kihn Band "Roadrunner," Modern Lovers "Roadrunner,"  PNM   "Newport Beach," Led Zeppelin "Louie Louie," Gary DeCarlo "Kiss Him Goodbye" Atileo "What You Want,"  Cindy Latin  "Flyin Home"

Frankie Lymon   "Goody Goody"

Paul Tait Live   Breakup Song

John E Funk  One Way Road
Louie Louie  Bobbi and the Beats with Joe V
Feed The Kitty   Road Less Traveled