Thursday, June 29, 2017

Viglione Strikes Back at Belson - 11:14 am June 29, 2017

Mark Rumley, City Solicitor
85 Geo P Hassett Drive
Medford MA 02155

RE: Evidence in violation of Open Meeting Law
       Failure to respond in appropriate manner to Public Records Request

June 28, 2017  1:41 pm  "The Superintendent has advised me in the future this Advisory Committee will be more prominently posted throughout the city to ensure that all interested parties have an opportunity to observe and participate."

Disturbing comment and alleged admission that Open Meeting Law has been violated

Dear Solicitor Rumley,

I have already filed an appeal on Mr. Belson's self-serving (to use his own vernacular) phony response to my public records request.

In addition to the official open meeting law complaint document that I brought over Monday and time-stamped by your office, please note the 
exhibit below from Roy E Belson dated June 28, 2017 7:56 pm

1)In the records request documents that I received from the high school there was no mention of this new allegation of a Chapter 74 committee that Mr. Belson appears to have concocted 

a)Nowhere in the paperwork I received do I see Chapter 74. What I see is Radio/Television Advisory Committee, which we all assume (correctly) is Public Access TV.  Roy and Stephanie Burke created this problem by merging the two and, let's face it, Mark Rumley and Joe Viglione probably know more about the access history than any two people in this city, arguably.

b)the three board members I spoke with hardly spoke as if it were a Chapter 74.  More like a public access TV committee.

2)That in the public records response Ms. Palmer noted they would - in the future - post the meetings, is an admission as far as I'm concerned that they , indeed, violated the open meeting law.

3)Please explain to the out-of-compliance Mr. Belson that harassment is what he does by sending out an e mail "Mr. Piglione" or joking about his hiding sexual predators at the high school.  We'll take that as an admission as well.  The more Roy opens his mouth the more he sounds like the poor man's Donald Trump

4)As if to try to convince an audience Belson writes "Chapter 74 advisory committees are very real. They are required for vocational programs."

Perhaps, but the three members of the Radio / Cable advisory board were discussing PUBLIC access with me, and if the waters are muddied and Mr. Belson is mixing and matching, putting public access tv into a meeting disguised as a Chapter 74 for the "vocational programs" it proves two of my points:

a)that access TV is being hijacked as a double Educational fund, denying the citizens access TV

b)and that Belson is a liar employing deceptive business practices

5)Belson calls my hard work and honest efforts "self-serving."   That's pure deflection, it is Belson - the public servant - serving himself and the phony Mayor Burke that Bob Penta called as "Phony as a 9 dollar bill" on Tuesday night  (See City Council meeting,  134 minutes in ) and that Wrko radio's Kuhner report called a "charlatan" (Stephanie Muccini-Burke)

This mayoral candidate is truly serving the needs of the public and protecting them against the deceptive business practices of Belson, Muccini-Burke and their crony crew


6)As you are investigating MCC TV3 - or awaiting the investigation from the office of the AG - this material should be of great interest to you.  You can send me a thank you note.
Please note that my request is under appeal at the office of the Sec. of State, and that I request that you add this document to my allegations of a violation of the Open Meeting Law.  I believe that Mr. Belson has already given the proof when they note that "in the future" they will post the open meeting - seems that they have failed to:

a)post the open meetings previously

b)apprise the public of the Radio / TV Advisory Commission

Do your job, Mr. Rumley.  You have skirted issues, kicked the can down the road, and complained about a "water pistol" comment I made.  A friggin' WATER PISTOL.  Grow up and do your job.  The citizens are disgusted with how taxes are raised and services are for only a few named Mike Nestor, Roy Belson, Jack Dempsey but not the people paying the freight.

DO YOUR JOB and remove this ugly Radio / TV Advisory Commission for failure to announce open meetings and failure to even be on the school website knowing a commission exists  - a commission including a vendor and other individuals who would benefit, and who do not even live in our city.

This disgraceful Cable Board was secret because Belson and Burke know that my investigations get results.

Mr. Belson wants to complain about my tone, he should stop calling a reporter a Pig, he should stop joking about sex crimes, and Belson should put some security at the high school.  The last two times I went to the school it was easy to walk and walk out.

Of course when the biggest terrorist is the superintendent of schools who would make fictional gangster Tony Soprano blush with envy, who needs security?

That is not a joke.   Sue me, Roy.  I've been sued before, and I have prevailed.  You will not like my response in the counter-suit, trust me on that.


Joe Viglione  

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Roy Belson <>
To: Joe Viglione 
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: Open Meeting Law - Records Request Radio/TV Advisory Board
Mr. Vigilone,

Chapter 74 advisory committees are very real. They are required for vocational programs. If you believe that this advisory committee is not a chapter 74 committee, then by all means, file a complaint.I am confident that the reality of a chapter 74 advisory committee will be sustained.

Your allegations that this committee is not a chapter 74 entity are only your opinion. We have answered your request and stand on our response. Your venomous diatribe and self serving commentary is offensive and inappropriate.
I intend to file a complaint with the secretary of state regarding your harassing behavior. Roy Belson, Superintendent