Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lorena Bobbitt Pop Explosion

It's the first day of summer!

I fear no man!  But I sure am afraid to post my playlist today featuring the Lorena Bobbitt song.

Let's just say when I followed the Bobbitt song with the title track of my famous guest's new album (Everybody wants a ...oh, nevermind) he burst out laughing...most funny or interesting interview he ever had...gotta listen back to the recording...will get the proper quote.

Too funny.  I dedicated today's program to a late producer of Jimi Hendrix who was supposed to be on my show but who passed away June 7, 2015 ...they quoted this writer in the New York Times on his passing.

Would have dedicated it to the bride and groom in honor of Friday, Lorena Bobbitt Day, and hope they have a fun Bobbitt Honeymoon ha ha...