Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Harvey Alberg's Inappropriate Speech to a Malden Judge

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Defeating that old buzzard in court was sweet.

When Alberg filed more nonsense in the wrong jurisdiction, conveniently forgetting the horrific libel he exacted on me on TV3 Medford and other disgusting activities, his lawyer said to the judge that I was elsewhere because I didn't want their paperwork?


"Your Honor!  I was doing public access in Reading and Wakefield...and know the cop on my beat who delivered it 10:30 pm at night (and we both knew it was a frivolous filing by Alberg, someone who has a history of harassing me on TV, in person, on comment sections and with alleged whisper campaigns.) 

The Judge nodded in agreement with me. 

I asked for more time and won in court on Halloween, 2016 in front of another judge.

TV 3 of the past - no ethics, no morals, no honor.

How would I, you or anyone even know the slimy Alberg filed more nonsense?  

The individual, Alberg, who ripped off the citizens of Medford of their access TV running his phony infomercials from a bankrupt cad;  and allegedly admitted he ripped off the residents to Jim Tuberosa at MCC TV3, how would anyone know what that cad was up to*

*"Law Enforcement" could be impeded if the AG's office says anything about their investigation into Mr. Alberg and his partners-in-slime at MCC

Law Enforcement "could be impeded" if information on the investigation into MCC, which includes Harvey Alberg as the corporation is frozen and can't dissolve, could be impeded.

Alberg told the court he stepped down from the board.

Isn't that a lie...under oath?  An alleged lie...

because Alberg can try to step out of the quicksand he's in all he wants, with his phony
625 High Street address and all, but when the corporation is under investigation and frozen, the phony phive cannot leave their hive....

what a piece of work 

what is not a lie is the document saying that "law enforcement" could be impeded if information on the Alberg Gang at MCC was released to the public at this time.

He has no shame to waltz into court and be so vulgar.

No shame.  No morals. No ethics.

The great "money manager" of access TV.


Yesterday's Pageviews of 666 are dedicated to Harvey and his good-for-nothing wife!

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