Thursday, June 29, 2017

Petitions and Roy E. Belson

Below is a copy of the 2013 budget. We have asked for replacements of our textbooks from 1994, some of which have mold on them. We were refused. We have asked for an additional teacher to reduce the overall burden and previously we have been refused. We sincerely hope that the answers to these requests and others can change, and this coming year can be a year of positive change for the Foreign Language department, a year where students and faculty alike can approach their classes with pride!

As you can see from the attached budget, in the past we were allotted 1.66%. That number went down even further this year, stretching our resources even tighter. Many other departments had an inverse experience, in that their budgets were increased, and they are already more than twice our budget to begin with. Though we understand that every department has a wish list, it is hard for us in the Foreign Language Department to understand how our needs are not being given priority under the circumstances, considering that they are comparatively so great. In speaking to many faculty in a variety of departments, it is clear that there is a lot of sympathy for the struggles of the foreign language department across the board, and most, if not all faculty would be extremely understanding of a shift within the budget to benefit Foreign Language.

Foreign language is a core academic subject as defined by both the Department of Education and The Medford Teacher Association Contract. What we are asking is that it be treated similarly to other core subjects when curriculum needs are considered. Please help us to do our jobs well and improve our working conditions so that we can create programs and learning environments where students are given the absolute best. We know that you want to help students as much as we do. Below is a list of items that we feel would best help the Foreign Language Department get back on track. We hope you will consider meeting all of these very reasonable and equitable requests, in the name of helping the students--the student body that matters so much to each and every one of us.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

The Foreign Language Department
Medford Public Schools
Medford, MA