Thursday, June 22, 2017

Satan's Honeymoon - LORENA AT MIDNIGHT

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Stephanie reads this and says "Much too vulgar."  The minute hubby dozes off or sleeps it off or whatever he does, she dives back to the cellphone to read more...of her favorite vulgar blogg!!!!



 Will the old newlywed stay up all night holding attempt at saving "Ryan's Privates" ?

June 23, 1993

It is that time, June 23!

Will his stalker wife pull out the K____

(Use rhyming dictionary so Rark Dumley doesn't accuse you of violent imagery!)


 Lorena Bobbitt Says When Ex-Husband John Reached Out, 'I Always Deleted His Number' - yeah, but has she deleted his famous name from her own?

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The incident occurred on June 23, 1993, in Manassas, Virginia, and the legal case surrounding the incident subsequently took place throughout 1993–94.
Lorena claimed in a court hearing that after coming home at night on June 23, 1993, her husband raped her.

Lorena got out of bed and went to the kitchen. Grabbing a knife, she entered their bedroom, where John was sleeping, and removed the entire penis at its base.[1]

Meet the Bishop
Retreat the Bishop
Defeat the Bishop
any way you slice it, One hour and Seven Minutes to the moments that will live in INFAMY

Newlyweds who honeymoon on the Bobbitt anniversary take their jewels into their own hands...literally